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HEALTH - Announcing the Creation of a Blood Donor Data Base

Announcing the Creation of a Blood Donor Data Base for the CapeCourtesy Baja Pony Express
From the tragic case of Jeff Niemi, we’ve learned some things about our wonderful, supportive community: there are many people willing to donate blood, but there is a 24 – 48 hour lapse between accident and receipt of blood. We want to create a list of eligible, willing donors. Including their blood type, contact info, and months of the year they’re in residence. If Char has this data in her computer, volunteers can immediately call those with the needed blood type. We will update the list every few months.
Please send your names and the above info to: If you do not know your blood type, you can have it tested at AmeriMed in Los Barriles BCS on Saturdays for 200 pesos. Or have it done in the US at your next doctor appointment. It’s important to know when you need it yourself! For review, here are the Mexican eligibility requirements: 1. General good health, and 2. Between ages 10 – 65. Ineligibility factors: 1. Kidney or liver disease, 2. HIV, 3. Viral hepatitis, 4. Cancer or blood disorder, 5. Heart disease, 6. Certain medications.
This data base hopefully will include donors from Todos Santos, La Paz, and the entire Cape region. In addition to donors, we will need volunteers, willing to learn the nitty-gritty details, to man the phones when an accident occurs. Please contact with all you information.

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