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Mosquito Prevention Tips

Mosquito Prevention Tips

The mosquito Baja's has here is "aedes aegypti" it is the one that can carry dengue if there is an outbreak. It has some traits that should not allow it to be here, it needs moisture, its range is very short, 400 meters is a long range and the typical is 50-100 meters of the site of the emergency. We can speculate generally they go back to this location in a desert with rain to lay the eggs. Lifespan as short as one week but an average of 2 weeks. So you know the breeding location is nearby.

In a desert where we have no rain for 9 months this rules out many locations that tropical areas have problems with. In general, refrigerator or air conditioner pans should be inspected. If someone has a water storage tank that is open this is a prime location, a neighbor who has a pool that is not maintained, any kind of birdbath, animal bowls, plant pots that are overflowed with water, construction sites where they fill barrels of water (these should be emptied about every 5 days) and the one that is the main culprit down here is septic and house vents.

Take a walk around your neighborhood and find the construction barrels, septic vents, water tanks, house vents that are not screened off. Take a ladder and some metal screen and electrical wire with and close them off. If construction you will need to do this every 5 days till they are done. While doing this pay attention to where there are buckets, boats, kayaks, garbage cans, wheelbarrows, pots that do not drain, old tires and such so if we do get rain you can go empty those out. None of my neighbors locals or from the north have said no when I do this. If you do not have the ability or ladder to do this I can lend you my ladder or ask a local (Jose Luis) to do the inspection/work for you for a reasonable price. My guestimate is I can get him to do it for about 300 pesos if a small area. You will notice the difference in 1 week.

When people leave their Baja homes for an extended time, they should put plugs and covers on all sinks, drains including shower drains, anything that has a “trap”, and even put saran wrap over the toilet bowl and tank to seal it from evaporation. Turn all flower pots upside down or fill with sand, and have someone inspect after a rain. - posted by:

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