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NEWS - Coordination Support for Baja 500

ENSENADA .- Sunday May 22, 2011 .- Authorities of the three levels of Government working in close coordination and collaboration with organizers and Ensenada's tourist industry for the next realization of world-renowned off-road race Baja 500, which held from 2 to 5 June, reported the above, the Secretary of State Tourism Juan Tintos Funcke.
The state official said one of the strengths and one of the main reasons for coming to this institution and foreign tourists is the calendar of tourist events in Baja California, which this year reached 300, among which sports , food festivals and related to the wine industry, among others.
He stated that all municipalities in the state is precisely Ensenada which makes the greatest number of events and that so far this year has been very important events and have projected the name of education at the national and international, "but Moreover, these events serve as a testimonial when people return to their places of origin and take a good look and feel of Ensenada and Baja California, "he said.
Some of the events that have been successfully performed in the state have been the Baja 250 race, the New Port Beach Regatta - Ensenada and traditional Rosarito-Ensenada bike ride, as well as gastronomic and artistic events, many of these related to the Route Wine.
In the case of San Felipe 250 race, the owner of the SECTURE indicated that it has been working in coordination with the Municipality of Ensenada, Protura and Tourism Public Trust to provide all the necessary conditions for the realization of the edition number 43 of the Baja 500 race, which this year is expected participation of 250 teams from 25 states of the United States and several countries, among which include Canada, Germany, Guatemala, Japan and of course Mexico.
Also for this event, participating in the pilots of "Off Road" highlights in the world, each issue will be counted as an extraordinary media coverage of regional, national and international, including television, radio, newspapers and magazines .
On the other hand, he said, because of this race is expected to improve hotel occupancy and economic flow in restaurants, gas stations and stores not only in teaching but along the route that runs from the port to Ojos Negros and then down to the desert and skirting the Sea of Cortez in San Felipe area, municipality of Mexicali, then rise again into the valley until the Trinity to reach the Pacific Ocean in the region of San Vicente, Santo Tomas and climb back the Port of Ensenada to the finish.
Finally, the State Tourism Secretary said that in the coming days will be releasing more details of this event international court and acknowledged the work of coordination has been achieved between the various authorities and tourist servers to carry out this edition.

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