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PEOPLE & VOICES - The other Mark Zuckerberg account Shut down on Facebook

Before 2004 Mark S Zuckerberg was a nobody and happy about it.
But now the attorney from Indianapolis is famous, in name at least, because of the other Mark Zuckerberg. That's Mark E Zuckerberg, billionaire founder of Facebook.
The lawyer's friends may 'lol' about this on Facebook but Mr Zuckerberg wouldn't know after claiming to have had his account shut down by the company.

Mr Zuckerberg, who specialises in Bankruptcy and foreclosure law, claims Facebook cited false identity as the reason for deleting his account.
And it's not the first time he's had trouble with the social networking site.
'I was originally denied an account with Facebook two years ago because of my name,' Zuckerberg told Wish TV.

'I had to send them copies of my driver’s licence, birth certificate, and Indianapolis Bar Association licence just to get them to believe that I exist and to allow me to set up my page.'
Mr Zuckerberg has even found the need to set up a website called: I Am Mark Zuckerberg with his credentials and a list of differences between the pair.
Other than the name and their Jewish upbringing the two have little in common.

'He was born in Dobbs Ferry, NY at about the same time that I was graduating from Indiana University,' he writes.
He then adds that the Facebook founder has been immersed in technology almost since birth.
'I'm happy to be able to accomplish my electronic tasks without screaming,' he writes.
Finally he signs off with:
'I don't wish Mark E Zuckerberg any ill will at all.
'I hope the best for him, but let me tell you this: I will rule the search for 'Mark Zuckerberg bankruptcy' if he finds himself in that situation.'

He even gets a little sales pitch in at the end:
'...And if he does fall upon difficult financial times, and happens to be in Indiana, I will gladly handle his case in honour of our eponymy.'
Mark E Zuckerberg, worth $13.5billion according to Forbes, take note.
This is not the first case of mistaken identity by the social networking site.
Just last month a certain Kate Middleton complained about having her account suspended.
Far from being the new Duchess of Cambridge, Miss Middleton is actually a bicycle enthusiast based in Boston, Massachusetts.
At least three others - an Australian woman and two British women - have had their accounts suspended while the site verified that they were in fact called Kate Middleton.
A spokesman for Facebook explained that it bans users who open fake accounts. They added that some mistakes are inevitable as they try to keep the social network secure.

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