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TODOS SANTOS - The Hogar del Niño

Help Needed For The Hogar
Info provided by Baja Western Onion

The Hogar del Niño is located north of Todos Santos just off the highway before the Pemex on a mini ranch. This home (some refer to as an orphanage) is caring for boys and girls placed by DIF who need protective care. The home is locally run and NOT funded by the government. Joel and Alicia Hernandez rely solely on donations from the community to feed and house the twenty two children in their care, along with a staff of volunteers.

Currently the hogar needs money for food and shoes for the kids. Please consider giving to this home not only now but on a regular basis. Donations can soon be made on-line through their web site but currently may be made at the Banorte Bank. The acct. # is: 0615296470. If you would like to provide meals, contact Lisa Welch. Her email is: lwelsch [- a t -] Thank you for giving to the children of the Baja! - Diane Phillips,, 612 145-0584 , Todos Santos

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