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TRAVEL & TOURISM - Sectur announces increase in tourism

MEXICO CITY – On Sunday, the Tourism Secretariat (Sectur) stated that the number of tourists coming to Mexico increased during the first trimester of the year. The agency noted that between January and March of this year, the number of Japanese, Polish, French, Italian, Argentinian, Colombian, Chilean, Chinese, Swedish and Russian tourists increased by a large percentage.

The Sectur stated that the Foreign Affairs Secretariat (SRE) and the Interior Secretariat (Segob) have implemented several programs and projects that have enticed tourists to the country. The Sectur has also created many tourism-related strategies in cooperation with the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico to make sure that the number of visitors keeps going up.

In related news, the New Alliance Party endorsed the modifications made to the General Tourism Act, which were passed by the Chamber of Deputies in the past few weeks. According to the party, these changes were made to give the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico enough power to rule on tourism affairs.

The New Alliance Party pointed out that the amendments to Article 38 of the General Tourism Act were presented by Deputy Jorge Kawhagi Macari in order strengthen Mexico’s image with the international community due to the bad publicity the country has received for the dramatic upsurge in violence over the past few years.

“This initiative was created to give Mexico some good publicity because our country has lost its penetration into the tourism market due to the violence that we experience every day. We amended the Act to ensure Mexico’s competitiveness in the tourism sector,” stated the party.
Source: The News

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