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WEATHER - Mexico tackles climate change

President Felipe Calderón said Tuesday that Mexico is doing its best to counter the effects of climate change in the world. He also said that he hopes countries like the United States do their part, as well.

At the inauguration ceremony of the Energy Cogeneration Plant of the Tres Valles Sugar Refinery, he said that Mexico is the first developing nation to be aware of the climate-change situation, in spite of the high levels of poverty.

Accompanied by the Secretary of Energy, José Antonio Meade, and the Secretary of Agriculture, Francisco Mayorga Castañeda, the President pointed out that Mexico is a country capable of taking care of the planet and combating poverty at the same time.

He said that the federal government has implemented a program that replaces old electrical appliances for new ones, especially refrigerators and air conditioners. “This program will help those families who really need our support and at the same time decrease the carbon footprint of these families. You see, we can kill two birds with one stone,” he said.

President Calderón noted that the program has given families more than one million refrigerators. “For instance, an old fridge uses three to ten more times the amount of energy than modern appliances. To my administration, it was logical to replace these refrigerators to reduce, not only the families’ carbon footprint, but that of the country as well,” the President added.

He said that pollution and climate change can cross borders. “These are international problems. Political borders won’t stop them. Climate change and pollution have the same effects all over the world. The temperature of our oceans is increasing and our atmosphere has been severely damaged. If countries start emitting less greenhouse effect gases, maybe, just maybe, the problem will not be as bad for future generations,” he concluded.

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