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BORDER - San Ysidro border crossing construction is underway

There are presently 24 north bound lanes and 6 south bound lanes. When construction is completed there will be 35 north bound and 19 south bound lanes. In addition, the 35 north bound lanes will be double stacked that is they will have to inspection booths per lane so as to be able to process two autos at a time totaling 70 cars. The estimated time savings for crossings is a whopping 500% improvement. Presently the average waiting time is 90 minutes, which will be cut to 15 minutes. And the lines at peak times will go down from a high of 2.7 miles to under ¼ mile... There is also good news for SENTRI users - the construction program includes expanding to 14 lanes further cutting waiting times. OK, we know what is in your mind - when will this be a reality? The work is underway by phases, and it should all be done in a couple of years - OK, give or take a little. But we will keep you posted.

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