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IMMIGRATION - FM3 could disappear

Once the new regulation of the Immigration Law enters into force the current visa system will pass into a new stay system for foreigners divided as: visitors, temporary residents and permanent residents, so that what is known as FM3, will tend to disappear.

Antonio Valladolid Rodríguez, CEO of the National Immigration Institute, said this during a presentation with the Association of the Maquiladora Industry and Exporting, where he explained that this change is that the regime of qualities and characteristics of migration is replaced by the conditions of stay .

He indicated that when published the regulations, the alien will no longer have the need to get a permit from the National Institute of Migration to marry a citizen, you will be able to do this directly at the Civil Registry.

"On the 25th of May this year, two weeks ago, the President, published the newImmigration Act, and the Act in its transient speech that has up to 180 days to publish the regulation of executive authority" Said Antonio Valladolid.

He added: "The law came into force in some places and in other places we are waiting for the regulation, especially on the issue of Immigration Regulations, because some issues change, some terms change, right now people do not have to worry about this New Law in process, but at the time of transition, so it can be implemented in a complete manner. "

He explained that there will be a transition period to make adjustments to the permits, and he indicated that the offices of the National Migration Institute in Otay will give special attention to the maquiladora executives.

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