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NEWS - New Ambassador to Mexico

On June 9th President Obama officially nominated Earl Anthony Wayne to be the new ambassador to Mexico. This appointment would be filling the vacancy left by former Ambassador Carlos Pascual.

The appointment of Mr. Wayne will require approval of selection by the Mexican government and confirmation from the U.S. Senate He has been a foreign service officer since 1975 and worked in a variety of locations, such as Argentina and currently serving as U.S. deputy ambassador to Afghanistan. President Obama is making a strategic call and not one to be taken lightly. But, how one views this appointment can be seen from different perspectives.

For example, some are viewing Mr. Wayne's nomination to this post due to his expertise in failed states, such as Afghanistan. This is being interpreted by some as the US essentially recognizing Mexico as a failed state due to its current situation with transnational organized crime.

Others see it as a step in the right direction and acknowledging Mr. Wayne’s expertise as strategic in another perspective. "While he lacks experience in Mexico, Ambassador Wayne has an impressive resume as a diplomat with invaluable experience in counterterrorism," U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Austin.

This perspective was echoed by elected officials in Mexico as well. Mexican Congressman, Rafael Von Raesfeld, who serves as the President of Comisión de Migración del Congreso Legislativo de Puebla, shared his thoughts this way,

"California native Anthony Wayne, new ambassador to Mexico, is a gentleman of great expertise in the U.S. Foreign Service. During his service in locations such as Rabat, Paris, Afghanistan or Argentina he proved a great ability and capacity for dialogue that I am sure will be fruitful and beneficial to the bilateral relationship between Mexico and the United States."

With the upcoming 2012 elections in Mexico and the U.S. it seems that now is the time to re-confirm a commitment to one another.A strong Mexico makes a strong U.S. and vice-versa. Although, there has been no official statements about the appointment of Wayne, because neither Mexico nor the US can make comments about the appointment until he is confirmed by the U.S. Senate, the sentiment to work together is shared, according to Patricia Espinosa, Secretary of Forgein Affairs, "But what I can ensure is that in spirit of collaboration and the pursuit of strengthening the bilateral relationship between Mexico and the United States, in which the presidents Calderon and Obama have given a very clear instruction to all teams working very hard to follow, very soon we will have a new diplomat in the United States Embassy in Mexico".

MATT sees this role as a significant step that will take the relationship to the next chapter as role players in the Western Hemisphere. This connection is forever tied to one another by culture, geography, policies and commerce.
MATT welcomes the new opportunity this appointment can bring in creating a bi-national awareness and bridging the gaps of understanding and quality of life some we may truly prosper together.

Thank you - Rebecca J. Viagran
VP of Community Affairs

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