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Calderón: We can make police forces honorable institutions

On Thursday, during the first celebration of Police Day, President Felipe Calderón asked members of the Federal Police to close the “gap” of distrust between citizens and police forces.

“Today, Mexico is on the right track to have a more professional, better-prepared and better-recruited federal police force to face the challenge criminal groups represent, and to solve the problem of insecurity the country is suffering,” he said.

He also congratulated Genaro García Luna, the Public Security Secretary, for being the key instrument in initiating a profound transformation of the Federal Police into a professional body dedicated to serve and protect the community.

“Only together can we make the police force an honorable institution that receives the respect of people, a true civic priesthood of who are risking their lives in the service of others,” he said.

He urged local governments to further enhance the purging process, to recruit professional people and to establish a new model to recruit them. He also said that they will have achieved their goal when they have 32 reliable police forces in Mexico.

President Felipe Calderón said that in a modern democratic society, the police force must be a professional body consisting of committed, honest and careful citizens, who are selected and prepared to win people’s trust.

“Unfortunately corruption, impunity, negligence and institutional abandonment has created for decades a police force not of that model,” he said. “For the Mexican people to be a policeman became synonymous with abuse, arbitrariness, corruption, improvisation and crime,” he added.

President Calderón revealed that there were cases where policemen did not received their salaries, and were forced to buy weapons, uniforms and patrol cars to join a force.

“But now that Mexico is going through a problematic period in terms of safety, it is urgent to close the gap by forming security forces that enjoy the recognition, respect and appreciation of society.”

SOURCE: The News

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