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ANNOUNCEMENT - Baja Good Life Club

The Baja Good Life Club is making some exciting changes and additions to our publishing and services. As always our goal is to provide our members with The information and saving to make living the Baja Good Life easy and it’s to this goal that we are making these improvements.

Baja Good Life Club will begin publishing annual community guides for 10 Baja communities; the first being San Felipe, followed by Rosarito and Ensenada, all due out by October 2011. These guides will provide up-to-date information on each community as well as comprehensive directories. These books will be available to members at a special low rate of 30% or more. These books will also be customizable, so that hotels, vacation rental companies, real estate companies and the like, can personalize editions just for their business.

As of this edition, Baja California Magazine will begin publishing quarterly with special summer, winter, spring, and fall editions. Our goal as stated is to provide useful information to visitor and expats, and provided a limited page count edition of the magazine monthly is not efficient, it’s costly to print and because of that the page count must remain low. By reducing the frequency of the editions, we can greatly increase the content of quarterly editions.

Lastly, in an effort to As of July 1, we are no longer requiring Baja businesses to be BGLC members in order to offer our members discounts. This means that any business can offer discounts to our members, thus greatly increasing the number of discounts available. Our goal is to double our member discounts by years end. Baja Good Life Club membership is your premiere Baja retirement and travel club.

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