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ENSENADA - Help find a Horse!

Last seen being led by man on the Tecate Road

Early Tuesday evening, June 5. a rancher discovered that a prized reddish Mustang was missing from the fenced pasture near the free road and below the Cibola (San Miguel) hill. Investigation of the fence showed the fence had been cut with bolt cutters . The police immediately came to view the crime scene and put out a search alert.

By following the hoof prints, it was determined that the horse had been taken along the free road to the side of Hwy 1 to the Tecate Road as far as the Santa Anita ranch area. The trail was lost there as the hoof prints went into the brush and surrounding hills.

It has been determined that the thief roped the horse and cut the fence and led it away before the sun went down. The owner and helper discovered this when they went to bring fresh water to their horses.

There are some witnesses who saw a man leading the horse along the highways, but did not know that it was a stolen horse. Some can identify the horse thief. The owner and many ranchers and the police are searching for the horse and contacting all the ranchers about this theft.

Brownie is a four year old reddish brown Mustang who is trained and had recently been performing in the local rodeos of the ranchers. All the ranchers know this horse and will recognize him. If anyone sees this horse, please contact the owner, Celso Mancilla at 044-646 119-2238, any rancher, and/or the El Sauzal police department.

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