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NEWS - Mexico & Italy join to combat crime

Mexico & Italy join to combat criminal organizations

ROME – Mexican and Italian authorities signed two bilateral agreements Thursday in order to combat criminal organizations, reported Notimex.

The treaties work to speed up the extradition processes and increase the exchange of information and contact between the two countries.

Italy’s Secretary of Justice Nitto Francesco Palma and Mexico’s Attorney General Marisela Morales signed the treaties on behalf of their countries.

“The extradition treaty we signed today modernizes and the improves the agreement the two countries have shared since 1899,” she said. “Both of the treaties come in a timely fashion as Mexico is determined to combat organized crime which is an area in which Italy has lots of experience,” Morales noted.

The treaties facilitate an increased use of technology such as video conferencing to conduct investigations as well as an exchange program where officials from both countries will visit and review the other’s judicial system.

Signing the treaties was Palma’s first act as Italy’s justice secretary as he was sworn into office only two hours prior to the signing.

“It is significant that my first act as justice secretary is to sign treaties to combat organized crime. Crime is not defeated by bureaucracy,” Palma said.

“In a world which has no borders or boundaries, it is necessary to strengthen partnerships with other countries, especially with Mexico,” he concluded.

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