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3 Tips to RVers when driving on Baja California
By Dan y Lisa Goy
Source: Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours

(1) Never, never drive at night! You are not familiar with the road and there are no street lights. More importantly there is very little livestock fencing outside of towns and villages. Many animals gravitate to the highway at night and you will never see them in time. Having a cow in your grill will ruin your Snowbird experience for sure. In the event of a breakdown you do not want to be on the highway (there is usually no where to pull off) when a bus or semi comes along which drive all night. Another good reason to drive only during the day are the Green Angels who patrol the entire highway in the morning and afternoon. They are the equivalent of AAA paid for the government looking to assist tourists and travelers. We have never experienced a Bandito in 26 years since our first camping trip in Mexico, perhaps they are out at night, we really can't say!

(2) Travel with a friend or fellow RVer in the event you do have a flat or mechanical problem on the road. That leaves someone with the RV while you look for help and direct traffic safely around your broken down vehicle. We provide everyone with a mechanical checklist prior to joining one of our tours, Mexicans can fix anything but if you can avoid this experience with a change of some belts and hoses, why not? Having a few spare parts never hurts either.

(3) Slow Down! Whats the hurry? The roads are often narrow, without shoulders frequented by large but scrawny farm animals or broken down Mexican mobiles. If you have folks behind you let them pass when it is safe to do so. Put on your left turn signal and slow down as they go by, particularly the buses and tractor trailers. Only pass when it is very safe to do so yourself, not much of a margin for error. On most of Hwy 1 we drive 80 km or 50 miles and hour.

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