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TRAVEL - Why Choose an RV Caravan to See Baja?

Traveling with any RV Caravan Tour on your 1st driving trip into Baja minimizes stress and anxiety and provides built in camaraderie.

There are eight (8) RV Caravan Tours operating on Baja at many different price points, offering a diverse array of features. The major benefits of a Baja Amigos RV Caravan include traveling with experience, no planning required, 1000 km of hosted on-tour van excursions, ability to drop off and pick up again, built in camaraderie and the added benefit building the confidence to return to Baja on your own or with friends in the future. Our guests have told us we take 5 years off the learning curve of RVing in Mexico. We really focus on maximizing the enjoyment of your RV camping experience, ensures you visit the important sites, provides reserved and paid camping, takes you to excellent locations to shop & eat; every day we share our experience and knowledge of camping in Mexico and Baja.
Our priority is personal service and delivering a superior experience at a competitive price. That is why our caravans include all Mexico camping fees, pre-paid FFMs (Tourist Cards), and are limited to 14 people maximum and much more; check out Our Tour Information page. That can be 7 RVs including the WagonMasters with 2 persons each or can be more RVs with singles or less RVs with families. We utilize a 14 passenger van for included optional hosted on-tour excursions which are specifically designed to let everyone in the caravan relax and enjoy what Baja has to offer once we reach our destination. These excursions ensure everyone can sight see, have fun and are a big part of providing you with the tools necessary to comfortably drive, camp and explore Baja on your own in the future.
Believe us when we say, traveling with a group of 14 is very different experience then traveling with a group of 20, 30 or 40 people. We have heard from many RVer’s on Baja who have complained about their experience with other RV Caravans; to many people, felt like they were always waiting to fuel up or line up to park in a campground, or felt rushed . We understand we are not the cheapest nor are we the most expensive; we are an exceptional value, consistently exceed expectations and always ask our guests to extensively evaluate every aspect of our tours on completion to ensure we are delivering what people want and expect. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Believe us, we are a bargain when you compare our tour to our competitors!

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