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TOURISM - Why RV On Baja California, Mexico?

RVing Baja & Mainland Mexico
by Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours

Baja Amigos Dan & Lisa have been RVing on Baja and on mainland Mexico since 1985 and are always eager to return each winter where we renew old friendships, meet new people and live the Mexico RV experience passionately. 

Why should you RV On Baja California Mexico?

Mike & Terry Church, authors of Camping Mexico’s Baja state:  
“The border between the US and Mexico’s Baja Peninsula is like no other border on earth. It divides two countries with huge contrasts in culture, language, wealth, lifestyle, political systems, topography and climate. Mexico is a fascinating place to visit and we think that driving your own rig and staying in campgrounds is the best way to do it……People from north of the border have been exploring the Baja for years. The trip became much easier in 1973 when the paved trans peninsular highway was built. Today this paved two-lane road leads to unparalleled camping opportunities.”

Jack Williams, author of The Comprehensive Guidebook to Mexico's Baja California says:  “Baja California is a unique recreational Paradise-in-the Sun dominated by its 2,000 mile coastline. It pampers the jet set in its cities, hotels and resorts, without the high-rise, high-tension setting common in other resort areas. Those craving outdoor adventures find a largely undeveloped, beautiful land where escape to another environment and culture is only a step away. Few visit Baja without knowing they have been in a very special place, truly a magnificent peninsula.”

We could not say it better ourselves! - Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours

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