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NEWS & POLITICS - President on Tour in Baja California

Published on: 23 Aug 2011

Baja California - On tour in the state, the president inaugurated the Mothers’ and Children’s Hospital and the Oncological Specialties Hospital in Mexicali. Later on he visited the expansion of the Río Colorado-Tijuana Aqueduct and the Mexicali-San Felipe and the El Faro-Murguía-Guadalupe Victoria roads. His last commitment for today is a meeting with economic and social leaders.

During the inauguration of the Mothers’ and Children’s Hospital and the Oncological Specialties Medical Unit, the president stated that since it was announced that the Popular Insurance Scheme would pay for cancer-related expenses in children aged up to 18, 7 out of every 10 children with leukemia have taken the opportunity to be cured and rebuild their lives, since their families are entitled to total coverage of the treatment. This, together with the hospital works inaugurated, will ensure the peace of mind of thousands of persons, by facilitating the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

On the subject of access to health, President Calderón said that this has been his government’s priority, an ideal enshrined in the Constitution years ago, which is now materialized in all Mexicans, regardless of whether they are rich or poor.

Before continuing with his activities, the president declared that this year, Mexico will achieve universal health coverage.

At the same time, investments in infrastructure for sustainable water use are part of the efforts to encourage a culture of water conservation, said President Calderòn. The Expansion of the Río Colorado-Tijuana Aqueduct solves the water supply problem in the municipalities of Tecate, Tijuana and Playas de Rosarito. Increasing the current supply of water by over 30% will improve the living standards of nearly 1.3 million residents of Baja California.

Lastly, the president said that the authorities have worked to modernize Baja California’s highway infrastructure: the inauguration of the Expansion and Modernization of the El Faro–San Felipe and El Faro–Murguía–Guadalupe Victoria highways will improve communication in the Valley of Mexicali and increase its safety and speed on the coast of the Sea of Cortés.

SAN FELIPE - Labor Day Weekend Party at Als Backstreet

Labor Day Weekend Party at Als Backstreet El Marinero

Downtown San San Felipe this Saturday at 7pm.
Karaoke hosted by Robbie & Dawnette and DJ Mexico Spinning the tunes.

Don't miss the biggest party in town!! Mark your calendar!! Saturday 7pm Als Backstreet Bar
More info contact - Robert Castaneda.

ROSARITO BEACH - La Bamba Closing Party


Date: Labor Day Weekend: Thursday, Sept. 1 - Friday, Sept 2 - Saturday, Sept. 3
Time: 12:00pm until 9:00pm

Come and get it before it's gone! When we close at 9:00pm on Sept. 3rd, we say farewell. We'd like to say thank you for four great years. We love our customers and our community -- it's been wonderful to serve you. We'll have our great cherry pie, chocolate chip cookies and drink specials each day, plus other favorites!

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." -Dr. SeussLa Bamba

1950's Style American Diner
Km 29.5 Boulevard Popotla Playas de Rosairto, B.C., Mexico
Phone: 661-100-2560
website: e-mail:

NEWS - Calderon: Mexico casino fire deaths ‘act of terrorism’

Gunmen burst into a casino in Monterrey, Mexico Thursday and doused the premises with a flammable liquid, starting a fire that killed at least 53 people. (Aug. 26)
By William Booth

MEXICO CITY — Calling a deadly fire at a casino “an act of terrorism,” Mexican President Felipe Calderon and his top law enforcement officials vowed Friday to capture the gangsters responsible for the deaths of 52 people who perished in a fire set by gunmen at the Casino Royale in Monterrey.

Security cameras captured images of a dozen assailants pulling up in four vehicles to the front doors of the casino, spilling out of their trucks and cars in mid-afternoon and entering the entertainment complex, which offers bingo and betting on sports and horse racing.

As casino customers are seen quickly rushing from the front doors, some of the gunmen stand watching by their cars. They did not appear to wearing masks, and with computer enhancements, the license plates numbers of their vehicles would likely be readable.

Within two minutes and 30 seconds of their arrival, black smoke and flames appear in the security video and the gunmen are seen rapidly leaving and driving away.

The Casino Royale is the third such establishment targeted this month in northern Mexico. On Wednesday night, gunmen attacked the Caliente Casino in Saltillo, following a similar attack on Aug. 15 against the Sun City casino there.

The industrial and business-oriented city of Monterrey was previously free from Mexico’s crime and murder wave, but in the past year the city has seen its homicide rates soar, as organized crime and drug gangs attack each other and police, and prey upon businesses in extortion rackets.

The governor of the state of Nuevo León in northern Mexico said at a press conference Friday morning the Monterrey fire was ignited by "a group of people linked to organized crime," but did not specify what group or if there were any links to Mexico’s drug trafficking organizations.

Gov. Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz put the official death toll at 52 and said that most of the victims appeared to have died of smoke inhalation and burns from the fire — and not from gunshots. The governor said that 13 eyewitnesses to the attack had been interviewed.

Wearing a black suit and tie as a sign of mourning, President Calderon said Friday morning that the country was “facing real terrorists who know no limits.

"We have to fight even more forcefully. They can not be allowed to own our streets, our cities," Calderon said.

In his remarks, Calderon also blamed the United States. The Mexican president called on Congress, the U.S. government and citizens to reflect on the tragedy and see that the insatiable consumption of drugs “involving millions and millions of Americans” fueled the criminal gangs in Mexico with billions of dollars in profits.

"This drug consumption should be reduced drastically, and if that is not possible, the United States must work at least to prevent the transfer of the dollars to Mexico," Calderon said.

Calderon, however, did not identify what drug smuggling cartel might have been involved in the fire.

The cause of the blaze is under investigation. Some witnesses reported that the attackers threw grenades into the Casino Royale in Monterrey, while others said gasoline bombs started the fire.

The flames trapped customers and staff in the building. A survivor told the Mexico City newspaper Reforma that many of the dead were crushed to death in a stampede for the emergency exits.

PEOPLE & VOICES - Galeria Olivar Millan


Just arrived from a 2 month vacation from the cooler Bay Area and a trip to explore SUPER HOT Baja California Sur Villa del Palmar Loreto. Very beautiful, very hot. So worth it.

Back in San Felipe Galeria Olivar Millan. Opening and ready to welcome you on this Friday Aug 26. Come back for a visit if you are in town. Let me know if you are an artist and want to hang your work. Need a Bio, Art work that reflects the culture of San Felipe and Mexico (according to state guide lines and immigration laws). Do not bring ART work to the Galeria Olivar Millan at this time.. We are limited in space and your work needs to be approved first.
I have a list of themes that may give the Galeria Olivar Millan , museum type exhibitions that will encourage collectors and art investors' monthly even weekly visits. This list may give the artist motivation and encouragement to explore more medias.

For those that are interested and have asked,
Small classes will be offered in the areas:
No children at this time. Do not bring your children to the PLAZITA.
That is against Plazita regulations and my contract with them.

1.Color and designed. (Beginning) Principles of art:
structure ,line, color,shade, color wheel
Materials needed: Black, White, red, blue yellow acylic.(no oil Please)

2.Beginning Drawing the human Body. (Beginning)
Materials needed: pencils, ink, acyrylic paint, brushes,

3.Art Evolution: History and individual Artists critiques (Established Artists)
Film and Music intergration and presentations and critiques
Exploration: any media one art media creation for critique

4. The Great Mexican Muralists: English and Spanish all levels
Critical Process
Educational films/softwear
Materials : paint brushes, canvas
5. Web design for Artists

Come by to see me this weekend... Would love to see you...It's cool in side. Antojitos available

Ruth Olivar Millan,MA

Owner, Galeria Olivar Millan

TRAVEL - The New Tijuana COOL!

A. Rios/R.E. Photography
Alex Ruiz and Oliver Castañeda are business partners at La Stazione, a popular cafe located on the edge of the Chapultepec neighborhood, one of the most exclusive in the city.

By David Landesel  |  Posted: 7:13 PM, August 16, 2011  | The New York Post

IT'S tough all over, but for Tijuana, the last few years have been murder.

Terror fears? Let's build some walls. Illegal immigrant fears? More walls again, tighter restrictions, longer lines. Oh, and now that crossing the border is a huge pain, how about we tack on a bird flu scare. And just for fun, the drug wars?

Stroll down the Avenida Revolucion these days – the heart of this Baja California border city's tourist zone – and you'll find it as forlorn as a winter's day on the Coney Island boardwalk, with gate after gate rolled down, shut tight. Last year, it was reported that nearly sixty percent of the businesses in the once-thriving district had failed.

These days the second largest city on the West Coast and one of Mexico's wealthiest per capita, it may still look like the sprawling, sun-splashed border town it has always been, but 125 years or so after its beginnings as a city, Tijuana seems to be moving on up. There will probably always be cheap beer and pills and hookers and cosmetic surgery, but as the city comes out of hiding after this latest forced cooling-off period, Tijuana seems ready to experiment at being known for something new.

It's working. The outside world is taking notice, particularly of the local culinary scene. Tastemakers in Mexico City. Food writers in Los Angeles. Television chefs on both sides of the border. Even Rick Bayless, that hopeless traditionalist, will feature the region on the next season of his PBS show, starting next month. His meals in Tijuana, he has said many times since, were some of the best he can remember.

"Right now, all eyes are on Baja," says Bill Esparza, one of Los Angeles' most influential food bloggers and an early champion of the regional dining scene.

"Tijuana and Ensenada are really on the edge," Esparza says, "doing a lot of cool, contemporary things that are organic. They're not trying to be fancy, it's just natural."

That's unsurprising, considering what local chefs are working with, from the outstanding seafood they can yoink straight out of the Pacific Ocean up the street, to one of Latin America's most promising wine regions, the Valle de Guadalupe, just an hour south of town. Then, of course, there's the incredible local produce. In short, think San Francisco without the pretty but with a ton more sunshine, not to mention an elite group of chefs that take an unashamedly sophisticated approach to cooking.

Beyond the food scene, there's the cultural shift in the region itself. With the quick and easy tourist trade on life support, Tijuana, like Baja at large, is now forced to take an entirely different tack. This is how you get from an Avenida Revolucion in the 1990s with lines of suburban SoCal teenagers out the doors to an Avenida Revolucion so desperately out of ideas that last week, the city cleared the street and sold tickets to an outdoor opera concert, featuring one of Mexico's most acclaimed tenors, Fernando de la Mora.

This is how you get a city known for bars serving cheap Coronas and crummy margaritas to create an entirely new kind of nightlife district, still in its infancy, with mezcal bars and solid restaurants that draw in a Williamsburg-like crowd. How you get chic coffee bars, stylish ceviche joints that that can draw foodies from as far as Los Angeles, classically-trained taqueros, multicourse tasting farm-to-table tasting menus with local wine lists and cheese carts in LEED-certified spaces, microbreweries in a country held hostage by the majors, one upscale shopping center after another.

"The type of tourist is changing," says Derrik Chinn, a Tijuana resident, one in a small but active group of U.S. citizens that's opting to live here, rather than a relatively sleepy San Diego next door. Chinn recently founded Turista Libre, a tour company that aims to show off the city's best – and kitschiest and most fun – sides to growing groups of visitors. Growing so fast, in fact, that Chinn says he's having to turn people away and is considering expanding his offerings.

One thing hasn't changed at all, though. Tijuana may be turning into one of the coolest towns on the continent, but it'll always be an easy day trip from anywhere in Southern California. Here's what you do, after the turnstile has squeaked its last.

#1 Sign up for a tour. Not sure about navigating Tijuana on your own? No problem. Sign up for one of the unique tours offered by Turista Libre, the creation of Ohio native Derrik Chinn, who adopted Tijuana as his home just over three years ago. From beer tastings to gallery crawls to water park visits to guided trips to lucha libre matches, he's done it all; the company is expanding to offer even more regular weekend happenings. Whatever you sign up for, you meet right at the gate into Tijuana, where someone will be waiting with a big sign. It doesn't get much easier than that (

#2 Do lunch No matter where you are in Southern California, you really should come to Tijuana to eat, at least once. Just bolt down the 5, ditch your car, grab a cab and within minutes of crossing you could be eating some of the best food – no lie – available on the west coast right now. He isn't the only chef worth knowing in town, but Javier Plascencia is definitely Tijuana's brightest star at the moment. At Erizo, Plascencia's lunch time ceviche (and more) spot across from the golf course on the tony Avenida Sonora, it'll all become clear. Here, you'll find San Diego food bigs like Jay Porter (El Take It Easy, The Linkery) eating mesquite-grilled octopus, smoked marlin tacos and fascinating things you probably haven't tasted lately, or ever, such as chiccharon de atun (fried tuna skin) in a miso garlic glaze. The on-premises seafood market might make you wish you lived in the neighborhood (Av. Sonora 3801-11, near Blvd. Agua Caliente).

#3 Better Sexta Once a seamy footnote to the bawdy Revolution, Calle Sexta, or Sixth Street, has become a magnet for the city's young and hip, who have created an Brooklyn-esque neighborhood to play in after dark (seriously, there is a hipster bar called Moustache, and it is very hip indeed).'s Jason Thomas Fritz, frequents (and recommends) El Tinieblo for its outstanding mezcal cocktails, which will make you forget all about the margarita (Sexta at Madero). When hunger strikes, head across the way to Pizza al Volo for its beautiful, floppy slices. Don't leave without a stop at nearby La Chupiteria, an of-the-moment beer bar, which recently hosted what is perhaps the city's most cutting edge musical act, Maria y Jose. The creation of 24-year-old Tony Gallardo, Maria y Jose is at the forefront of Tijuana's "ruidoson" sound, which marries electronic beats with traditional folk and tropical sounds – a rather addicting combo.

#4 Regroup at La Stazione This should probably be your first stop in Tijuana, because of how perfect it is, and also for how quickly it makes you forget that you were in any way stressed out about crossing the border. Sitting across from the Agua Caliente dog track and casino, La Stazione, the baby of local culinary school grad Alex Rios, is a chic coffee bar with friendly staff that have a real knack for latte art, not to mention serious skills on the iced tea front. The crowd in here is a who's who of Tijuana 2.0, from bloggers to chefs to hipsters and kingmakers; an hour here can easily turn into two, if you get to chatting (Tapachula 5-C, Col. Hipodromo;

#5 Eat at one of Mexico's finest restaurants You can eat really well in places like Mexico City, but right now, you really won't find a restaurant quite as fresh and exciting as Mision 19. Housed in a sparkling new Zona Rio office building, this latest addition to the Javier Plascencia empire is, quite simply, one of the best restaurants in Mexico right now. For $64, you can sample the 8 course farm-to-table tasting menu that elevates traditional flavors into the stratosphere. Dishes such as local oysters topped with lamb chicharrones, chilled cotija cheese soup with pepper jelly, beautiful Sonoran beef, a watermelon sangria palate cleanser — it all starts to run together after a while, into one big happy blur. Then again, that could be all the great Valle de Guadalupe wines talking. "Mision 19 has it right where other parts of Mexico don't," says Bill Esparza, who counts dinner here as one of the best reasons to come to Tijuana. "They have a sommelier that knows all the wineries, they have a wide variety of aged Baja cheese, served with local condiments — it really is the full experience of fine dining. It's the whole Mexican experience." Make reservations, particularly on weekends (Mission San Javier 10643, inside the Via Corporativo building;
#6 Cheer on the Xolos Local futbol fans are in seventh heaven these days, with the local team — the Xoloitzcuintles, say that five times fast — now in the Primera Division, or, en ingles, the big leagues. Matches, held in the easy-to-reach Estadio Caliente, are a must for any soccer aficionado. Bonus: The season is just powering up now. Double bonus? Tickets start at about $15 ( If basketball is more your thing, you can always hold out for a Zonkeys game; the team is named after the donkeys famously painted up to look like zebras for tourist photo ops, down on the Avenida Revolucion (

#7 See the art Any city with an edge like Tijuana's is guaranteed to be a hotbed of creativity — this is clear in its music and culinary scenes, but less so perhaps on the visual arts front. Not that it isn't happening. It's just that the local gallery scene can be rather temperamental. One of the best stops right now for art lovers would be the Pasaje Rodriguez, a downtown alleyway that was once home to local craftsmen but in recent years had almost gone extinct, along with so much else in the tourist zone. Today, two dozen spaces house a younger, diverse mix of gallery spaces; the organizers hope the reincarnated space spurs the creation of a proper arts district (between Revolucion and Constitucion, 3rd and 4th Sts.).

#8 Try the tacos Not all the positive developments on the food scene are at the high end, though some local taqueros seem intent on pushing the envelope. Witness, for example, Tacos Salceados, which food writer Bill Esparza calls "the most contemporary taqueria in Mexico." This local favorite was founded by a trained saucier (hence the name), but don't worry, there's no pretense about the place. Unless you count obsession with detail and quality as pretentious, in which case we really don't want to know you. Salceados is famously home to the quesataco, which is what it sounds like. It is also a thing that is currently giving Tijuana a serious cred boost on the national taco scene (Av. Ermita Norte 30, Colonia La Mesa). It's been around a lot longer than the quesataco, but the camaron enchilado — basically, spicy shrimp — is another type of taco that everyone visiting Tijuana really must try. Try the version at El Mazateno (Calzada Tecnologico 473-E, Colonia Tomas Aquino), but Esparza says that his favorite is found at Mariscos Ruben, a more centrally-located food truck where the shrimp are fried in butter and topped with red salsa and rich crema. They set up shop at 8th and Quintana Roo, just off the Av. Sanchez Taboada, not far from the Mercado Hidalgo. (Translated into English, that means it's a short walk from everywhere, including the border.)

 #9 Stick with the classics Not everything in Tijuana is new. In fact, some of its greatest highlights remain some of its oldest attractions. Like so many other area cooks, Rick Bayless was wowed by the city's Mercado Hidalgo, where you'll find a ton of local everything, including some of the incredible local cheeses (Av. Sanchez Taboada at Independencia).

Five blocks west of Revolucion and not far from the hotter-than-hot Calle Sexta nightlife strip, time long ago stopped at the Parque Teniente Guerrero, a smaller version of Mexico City's lively Alameda, where you can relax under the trees, watch old men play chess and sample various street foods.


"Tijuana is a very sophisticated place, says Jason Thomas Fritz of "But it feels like a little third world city when you enter."
Don't let that put you off, though. The neighborhood near the pedestrian entrance into town may be a dumpy maze of pill shacks and souvenir shops, but it doesn't bite, particularly not now, with the sharply declined party trade discouraging the once omnipresent horde of hawkers and touts. In fact, we've been harassed more coming out of arrivals at JFK than during recent crossings into Tijuana.

Okay, so it's mellow, but that's not to say you can move through the city with your eyes closed – this is still TJ. So, here, your ultimate, can't-fail, no-worries guide to getting in and around.

FIRST THINGS FIRST Make sure to bring your passport – you'll need it to get back into the United States.  But without one, make sure you have a birth certificate, driver's license, and/or proof of citizenship.  It's up to the ICE agent you encounter and how good your proof is how easy it will be for you to cross.  Worst case, a slight delay, but if you are  US citizen, you will make it back.

PARK AND RIDE If you're staying in San Diego, hop the city's MTS trolley right down to the border, the same way you could hop it to Old Town or Qualcomm Stadium. Or, you could also drive, parking in the lot behind the duty free shop off the Camino de la Plaza, right where the freeways end. From here, you're a couple minutes' walk to the Tijuana gate, Once through, a cab ride pretty much anywhere we've mentioned in the story will be about $5 each way.

TAKE THE RIGHT CABS When you go through the second turnstile at the border that signifies your arrival in Mexico, walk past the yellow cabs and around the corner to the Taxi Libre stand, on Calle Frontera next to the bus station. The yellow cabs are a tourist trap. Ignore them, along with the overeager taxistas that try to block your path. (A common thing you will hear, that you can ignore: "You're going the wrong way, Señor!" You're not.)

WORDS TO KNOW When you approach the correct taxi stand – the one with the white taxis with the words Taxi Libre painted in orange -- hop in and tell them where you want to go, then ask how much, e.g. Calle Sexta, por favor. Cuanto me cobra? They'll tell you. Five dollars (cinco dolares) is a popular answer. (Stop at a bank before you head in and get a bunch of fives and ones to have on hand. In cabs, as with just about anywhere in Tijuana, dollars are accepted, but the less change you have to ask for, the better.) When you are ready to return to the border, bars and restaurants will call a cab for you; this time, you want la linea, or the border. You'll be dropped off near the pedestrian entrance to the United States; follow the crowds (or, if it's late at night, the signs) to the turnstile into the U.S. Customs area.

DRIVING IN It's more doable than people say it is. Quite frankly, navigating the tangle of streets and freeways that is modern Tijuana is no more difficult than doing the same in New York City (anyone used to whacking their way through the likes of the Grand Central / Jackie Robinson / Van Wyck tangle will feel right at home.) Try, however, to keep street parking to a minimum, particularly after dark, sticking to guarded garages and lots. It's just good practice in a city with a high rate of automobile theft. And make sure you have Mexican insurance – any car rental agency at San Diego's airport should be able to set you up; ask in advance.

WALK SMART Tijuana is a car city. As a result it is not always the most rewarding place to explore on foot. Not that it cannot be done, particularly in more affluent areas like the Zona Rio. Still, always use your New York street smarts. One thing to not do though, that you might do in New York, is to assume that drivers see you as you cross the street. Based on a purely unscientific survey of Tijuana crosswalks, we're guessing that the greatest danger faced by a tourist is being run over by a car. Or a truck. Or a bus. Seriously – do not jaywalk.

STAY OVER It all depends what you want – if you're just taking one of Turista Libre's tours or hitting a restaurant for dinner, it's no problem to just duck in and out from the San Diego side. For more comprehensive overviews, however, it's best to stay overnight, even though none of the hotels here are particularly interesting. The pleasant enough, secure Hotel Lucerna is located directly next door to the thriving Plaza Rio mall (check out the fancy Sears!), within easy walking distance of restaurants like Mision 19 as well as the cultural center, CECUT ( Located directly on the golf course at the foot of the exclusive Chapultepec neighborhood – and an easy stroll to both La Stazione and Erizo (that's your breakfast and lunch handled) the Marriott is, well, a Marriott (

GET A MAP Before you hit the border, consider picking up one of the readily available adonde / where at map guides, pocket-sized primers on what's what (and where it's at) around the city. You can usually count on finding them at bars and restaurants in hipper neighborhoods like South Park and Golden Hill. 

REQUIRED READING With one foot on both sides of the border, brings you the best of arts and culture from both San Diego and Tijuana. Meanwhile, gives an inside look on TJ life and culture, from an American perspective. Hungry? Blogs like Bill Esparza's influential Street Gourmet LA ( have led the charge in terms of bringing Tijuana dining into the SoCal spotlight and feature comprehensive reviews of the best restaurants in town.

SAN FELIPE - Breakfast for Casa de Fe

San Felipe's Casa de Fe Home for Children Presents:
Breakfast at Los Arcos Restaurant
Date: Sept. 4th, Labor Day weekend
Time: 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Come enjoy breakfast at Los Arcos Restaurant on Labor Day weekend. The is a fundraiser to help Casa de Fe Home for Children. We invite you and all you friends and family to have a great meal and help our home for children. Come to Los Arcos Restaurant on Sept 4th from 7:30am - 11:30am More info contact Bill ->

If you are not able to make it please consider a donation - go to and look to the upper left column for the Donate button. You can donate to our utilities, food, or school supplies; any donation will be appricated!

ROSARITO BEACH - Paella, Blues and Rock ar Oceans Edge

Paella, Blues and Rock atR Oceans Edge
Date: Sunday September 4th
Location: Castillos del Mar in Rosarito Beach

Paella, Blues and Rock at Oceans Edge, taking a step forward for pasitos, Benefit Concert: Javier Batiz & Los Moonlights, special guests: Los Rocking Devils
Contact: or - (661) 216.3333

NEWS: Mexico's New Immigration Law - Explained

by Karri Moser, for the Baja Good Life Club

New immigration laws took effect May 25, 2011. The new laws are an effort by President Felipe Calderon to do all he can to protect the human rights of migrants. He believes the new laws will simplify the stay of foreigners in Mexico and allow for a more safe and orderly migration of those traveling through Mexico to work in the United States. The law really aims to decriminalize migration in the country and keep the conduct of the migration authorities in check with the implementation of the Center for Evaluation and Control of Trust. It will help to insure officials at the National Migration Institute meet the standards that are expected of them.

The President sees the new law as both “bold” and necessary after years of kidnapping, abuse and violence toward migrants traveling from countries such as Belize and Guatemala to the United States to work. President Calderon believes the new law and its emphasis on human rights protections will help to awaken the world to this problem. The law will also ensure officials act on the problem rather than accept or remain complacent to the plight of abused migrant workers, as was the practice of some officials and agencies in the past.

Even though the laws primary intent focuses on migrant workers, the new rules will affect American and Canadian residents of Baja when it comes to issuances of visas and permits. First of all, FM2’s or FM3’s will be a thing of the past, but not what they represent. For now, they are still valid as is. The FM2 and FM3 will be replaced with a green card. The procedures for extensions and renewals will remain the same, but special attention to deadlines should be paid. It is recommended an individual renew 30 days before expiration or sooner if possible. The FM2 (permanent residence status) can be extended for 5 years, renewed annually, if the person does not leave the country for more than 2 years of the time period. The FM3 (temporary residence status) can be renewed for 4 years with annual renewals also. While procedures are staying generally the same, one anticipated drawback to the green card replacement of the FM’s may involve additional documentation. The new green cards will not contain employment information or state the reason the holder is in Mexico. This may mean you will want to carry additional documents in addition to the green card in case you need to provide proof to immigration officials.

The new laws also simplify the current statutes. In the past, 34 separate statues fell under the “General Law of Population”. With the new laws, only four categories will now exist. The four categories are permanent resident, temporary resident, temporary resident student and visitor. The visitor category has several sub-categories. They include: visitor without permission, regional visitor, frontier visitor, humanitarian reasons, and purpose of adoption. The visitor visa means a person can stay in the country for 180 days. Then they can leave and return.

Another simplification will also save applicants a few dollars. When a person now changes employers but not the activity or essence of their job, there will be no fee for processing the paperwork. Another money saver includes real estate. For permanent residents, if they meet the current tax rules, they might apply for the benefit of not having to pay capital gain taxes when selling real estate.

Overall, the comprehensive new laws will clean up and simplify existing procedures and categories for those expatriates living and working in Mexico, along with putting Mexico in the spotlight as a country and government who takes human rights and the protection of those passing through their borders seriously.   

ENSENADA - Javier Batiz at La Mision Hotel

Javier Batiz - Mexican Rock & Roll in concert
Date: Sat Sept 3rd
Time: 5PM
Location: Hotel La Mision KM 59 Tij-Ens Toll rd exit La Fonda
Cost: $10dlls
More info contact Nuria Holly 646-210-2072

TODOS SANTOS - Memories of Feeny

Source: Baja Western Onion
Post Date: Wednesday, August 24, 2011
by: Moonstone Mazzetti

Feeny Lipscomb - Former resident of Todos Santos, Spanish teacher and "Minister of Fun," Feeny Lipscomb died Monday, Aug. 22 in Taos, New Mexico, after a fierce and brave battle with cancer. Feeny lived by the credo "If it isn't fun, don't do it, and if you MUST do it, make it FUN!"

Some of you in the lower loop of Baja California may have known Feeny, Spanish teacher, Minister of Fun, and Priestess of Joy. She passed away Monday morning after an intense year of trying to heal herself of Stage 4 Breast Cancer. We, her friends in Todos Santos, would like you to join us in a ceremony of Letting Go to ease our hearts and release her from our grief. Afterwards there will be a wake to remember and celebrate her magnificent spirit, Wednesday, August 24, 2011, 6:30 p.m. at the home of Isabel Smyth which is Teatro Luna Azul.

Memories of Feeny:

BAJA - Fundraiser for the Sea Turtles

Source: Baja Western Onion Posted: Aug 20, 2011 at 9:07 AM

Charity Internet Fundraiser for the Sea Turtles - From Saturday, August 20 to August 30. Endangered Sea Turtles need your Help. Today begins our "Small Charity Internet Fundraising" event. Our goal is to raise enough $ in ten days to cover the cost of gas needed for this season through small internet donations of $20 or less. Please consider a small donation payable through PayPal on our Gracias! - Tortugueros Las Playitas A.C., Baja California Sur

NEWS - Friendship Park Marks 40th Anniversary

Source: by Debbi Baker 10:55 p.m., Aug. 20, 2011

Dozens of people gathered on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico borderSaturday to celebrate the 40th anniversary of historic Friendship Park.

The small piece of land, part of Border Field State Park in theTijuana River Valley adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, was dedicated Aug. 18, 1971, by then-first ladyPat Nixon.

It was long a place where families came together to meet, greet and touch each other through holes in the fence. That ended in 2009 when the Department of Homeland Security built a wrought-iron barrier and strictly limited access.

Enrique Morones, founder and president of the immigrant rights organization Border Angels — who wants to see the area returned to the way it used to be — addressed the crowd in English and in Spanish.

He pointed to a large picture of Nixon affixed to the fence that was also adorned with sunflowers. The first lady is smiling and reaching over the border shaking hands with a man holding a small boy

“As you can see, when Pat Nixon was saying hello, there was no fence, there was no wall,” said Morones, who advocates for an open border. “And one thing she said was, ‘May there never be a wall between these two great countries.’ ”

Rep. Bob Filner, D-San Diego, who also addressed the assembly, gestured toward the deep blue ocean and said the beauty of the area was juxtaposed by the ugliness of the metal barrier.

“We have to get rid of this so we can touch each other, so we can see each other, so we can sing to each other, so we can dance with each other,” said Filner, a candidate for San Diego mayor.

“I want to quote another president in a different context, ‘Mr. President, tear down this wall,’” the congressman said to loud applause, echoingRonald Reagan’s famous speech at the Berlin Wall.

History professor Christine Moore, who grew up in Imperial Beach, said she remembered when families would sit by the fence and have picnics.

“I’d like to see the park come back to life, Moore said.

The issue became particularly personal to her when one of her most promising students was deported four years ago. She said the girl came to the country with her family when she was 2 and that she considered herself an American.

Carlos Santos, another speaker at the event, immigrated legally to the country 10 years ago with his wife and oldest son.

He turned toward the people in Mexico who peered through the mesh of the fence and told the story of how he came to the park a few years ago and was able to hug his mother for the first time in years. He said that moment meant everything to him.

“Don’t give up hope,” he said. “Someday people will be able to do that again.”

The celebration included salsa dancing, remarks by Tijuana Councilwoman Maria Luisa Sanchez and other Mexican officials and a moment of silence to commemorate those who have died crossing the border.

A tree was planted in the same spot where Nixon had planted one 40 years ago that was now long gone.

Morones said he was working with the Border Patrol to make the area less restrictive and that the two groups had made some positive progress.

“We believe friendship has no border,” Morones said.

ENTERTAINMENT - Lady Gaga Surfs in Mexico

Lady Gaga is having surfing lessons while on a relaxing vacation in Mexico.
By Bang, Posted: 18/08/2011 Source:

The 25-year-old singer is holidaying in the Mexican resort of Puerto Vallarta with friends while she takes a break from promoting her new single 'You and I', and has been taking to the waves on a body-board, where she has been making 'excellent progress'.

A source told The Sun newspaper: 'For a relative beginner she took to surfing really well. She started quite slowly learning how to body-board and then she was able to work up to standing - she made excellent progress.

'She has been very relaxed since she arrived at the resort and is looking to unwind from her punishing timetable on the road.'

The eccentric performer is staying at a £4,250-a-night hotel, and paid an additional £240 for the lesson, but the singer remained safety conscious and remained tied to her board in case of an emergency.

Despite having a relaxed time at present, Lady Gaga - who loves water so much she appears as a mermaid in her new music video - will be returning to the US soon so she can rehearse a forthcoming tribute to Britney Spears at the MTV Video Music Awards at Los Angeles' Nokia Theatre.

It is rumoured she will perform her hit song 'Circus' in a medley which will also include Katy Perry performing 'Oops! I Did It Again' and Kesha and Nicki Minaj performing 'Gimme More'.

ENSENADA - Science & Technology Conference


“First International Development and Innovation Expo/Forum”
August 31, September 1 and 2, 2011

An effort to link the science community with the Mexican and international business communities to capitalize on projects being developed in Baja California’s research centers and universities. INNOVATECBAJA 2011 will bethe strategic meeting point for science, technology and visionary investors.


Technology and Business Expo

Conferences and Workshops

Expert Panels

Business Meetings and Networking

Social & Cultural Events

Innovator Acknowledgements

In four core areas:

Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology & Renewable Energy

Three day international event to be held at the historical Social Civic & Cultural Center Riviera de Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

Simultaneous interpreting will be provided.

3 Day Pass $1,700 Pesos

1 Day Pass $700 Pesos

More info contact: Lic. Nancy Salgado - Executive Director

Office: +52 (646) 174-5423

Nextel ID: 152*153173*3

Mobile: +52 1(646) 203-7615

TODOS SANTOS - Hogar del Niño Orphanage

Source: Baja Western Onion
Back-to-School Help Needed - The Hogar del Niño, our local orphanage, relies on the community for support as this home is not funded by the government. Please stop by to meet Joel and Alicia Hernandez and their staff of volunteers who currently care for 23 boys and girls, mostly placed by DIF. Some of the children are literal orphans while others are in need of protective care.

The Hogar del Niño is located north of Todos Santos on a dirt road just off the highway before the Pemex. If you would like to help, cash donations are always in need. Donating online is easy at The hogar has an ongoing need for foods such as meats, eggs, and fresh fruit and vegetables. If you would like to provide meals on a monthly basis, contact the meal coordinator, Lisa Welch. Her email is:

Lastly, school supplies are needed as school begins in a few weeks. The kids need backpacks, pencils, erasers, colored pencils, notebooks of all kinds, and large sheets of white poster board. They could also use socks and school shoes. Your help is both needed and appreciated. If you are making an online cash donation and you want to designate, for example, shoes, you can email to inform them. Thank you for your help. - Joel Hernandez,,, 612-145-0584 , Baja California Sur

NEWS - Mexico Safe for Travel

Chula Vista City Councilmember Declares Mexico Safe for Travel
By Dorian Hargrove | Posted July 18, 2011, 3:55 p.m.

Chula Vista Deputy Mayor Rudy Ramirez says the public's perception that Mexico is unsafe is not supported by real crime statistics. In a July 18 press release, Ramirez reported on a recent meeting with mayors from cities throughout Baja and the Southern California. One of the key topics during the meeting was the false perception that many have in regards to life in Mexico.

"A key topic of discussion was that the perception of the insecurity of the region is not supported by statistics regarding public safety," reads the press release.

At the binational meeting, mayors and elected officials requested that California Governor Jerry Brown enact laws to expedite border crossing.

“Local government officials agreed that the status quo of long border wait times and travel restrictions is no longer acceptable. We must work to ensure border security but not sacrifice efficiency,” stated Ramirez.

One initiative that gained support at the meeting was a law that would require only a valid California drivers license to enter into the United States.

The mayors also supported working together to "promote economic development" and tourism.

LA PAZ - Art Opening in La Paz

Source: Baja Western Onion

"Four Points of View" Art Opening in La Paz - Opening reception 7:30 p.m. featuring Fernando Tames, Gloria Santoyo Ruenitz, Yandi Monardo and Patricia Larsen. Thru September 20. Galeria Carlos Olachea next to Teatro de la Ciudad at Unidad Cultural, Navarro and Héroes de Independencia, La Paz. . Gallery hours: Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m. until 6 p.m; weekends, 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Telephone: 122-9196 - Gloria S. Ruenitz,, 612-118-3683, Todos Santos

TRAVEL: Is Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) available on Baja?

Generally speaking ULSD is only available in Northern Mexico and that includes Northern Baja. Some RV Caravan Tour companies tell clients that it is universally available on Baja, this is incorrect, PEMEX in Baja Sur (Southern Baja) imports only LSD diesel fuel from the mainland ! Please note it has been widely reported that LSD is still found at many fuel stations in the US.  Also see:

What the consequences are of using Low Sulphur Diesel (LSD) in a Canadian or American engine built after 2006 is likely the most controversial topic amongst diesel RVers. We have spent endless hours discussing this with experts, manufactures and owners. In summary, this is a warranty issue and really not a performance or operational issue. The difference between diesel vehicles sold in Mexico and the US & Canada are the exhaust systems, the engines are identical.

We have encountered many 2007 diesel vehicles, including brand new RVs and trucks on Baja, who happily report no problems whatsoever with the fuel. We are told by Diesel Techs running 3000 or 4000 km of LSD is of little consequence for a ULSD engine (however 35,000 km straight may be) and many operators simply change their oil and filters when they return to the U.S. We know first hand that some manufactures will take the first opportunity to void a warranty if they are made aware of the use of LSD in a ULSD engine (although this seems specific to Mexico not the US). We have also learned that using LSD in a GM may only void the warranty on components in the exhaust system, like the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), not the drive train or other items under warranty. Many RVers we have spoken to still under warranty on Baja have simply chosen not to inform the manufacturer of their travels in Mexico. At the end of the day an RVer must make an informed decision regarding this issue. We suggest you contact those you know in the industry and check out the various forums regarding this subject such as The Diesel Garage, also look at this article written by Ted White.

Jason “NitroMan”, Industry Performance Lubricant Guru, from NITROLUBE, has also kindly offered to respond to any inquiries you may have on this issue. Jason can be contacted at

LORETO - Protecting The Sea Turtle Nest

The Sudcaliforniano I August 19, 2011 I By: Raul Villalobos Davis

Loreto, Baja California Sur .- It is located over a sea turtle nest in the beach area of ​​Ensenada Blanca in the municipality of Loreto, so we did know the address of Loreto Bay National Park.

This happened several days ago during one of the tours this beach, where staff are participating in the program to protect sea turtles in the municipality of Loreto located the trace of a turtle that had come to the seashore, by which proceeded to follow him to know what the nest site and establish the necessary protective measures for the same.

It is estimated, reported, that the nest can be approximately between 90 and 110 eggs, the nest is in constant surveillance.

In this program for the protection of sea turtles has implemented in the municipality of Loreto are participating PNBL staff, FONMAR, CONAPESCA, Armada de Mexico, Harbor, ZOFEMAT, PROFEPA, among other authorities, as well as non-governmental groups and the general public that has decided to join this effort, which will remain constant during the remaining time to the nesting season, and similarly it will work preparing for next year.

SAN FELIPE - IV Bikini Contest

IV Bikini Contest
27 de ago de 2011
The San Felipe Tourism and Conventions Committee is putting on a Fashion Model-Bikini contest on the morning of August 27th. For more information, contact Call COTUCO in San Felipe at (686) 577-2300or email

LORETO - 2011 Billfish Tournament

The Challenge is in Loreto, the 2011 Billfish Tournament.

Date: August 26 Thru 28th
Register contact:
Hector Alberto Camarena Moncada - or phone +52-613-133-0662 & 63 Ext. 103

Fishing is a guy thing, so, the macho man at the Inn at Loreto Bay and Las Villas de Mexico are organizing a challenging Billfish Tournament August 26 Thru 28th.Don’t miss this adrenaline packed tournament with more than $10,000US in prizes! Prepare your team and be ready to prove how macho you are!

New Taxes Regulations for Americans

Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Regulations
By Lynn Russ, exclusively for the Baja Good Life Club

With new tax regulations going into effect for Americans living in Mexico, the typical expatriate may be scrambling to understand just how the changes may affect them. As with any tax regulation, regardless of where you live, it can never be as easy as black and white. Tax regulations are inherently complex and the new Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts regulations are proving to be no different. But, with a basic outline of the regulations, most Americans can figure out how exactly they, and their bottom line, will be affected.

The basics of the regulation are pretty simple for American citizens in Mexico. If you have more than $10,000 in a foreign account, at any time throughout the year, you must account for this money and file IRS form TDF 90-22.1 each year and if you own a home in a foreign country, you have to file form 3520 and 3520-A every year back to 2003. Any citizen of the United States, including single member LLC’s or anyone with signature authority or power of attorney over an account that holds more than the $10,000 minimum must file the form for tax purposes. It can get a little tricky if you happen to be in Baja, as an American, and hold signature authority or power of attorney over someone’s account in another country, such as Canada; but you must file even under these atypical circumstances. Even if you never need to exercise the power of attorney over an account, you must file under the new regulations. You also have to file even if the account fails to generate any interest or dividends. If the account held a penny more than $10,000 even for the briefest period of time, the FBAR forms are necessary.

While some see the new regulations as an intrusion on Americans who live and work legally across the border, or perhaps even the equivalent of “taxation without representation” since they may be living full time in Baja and still filing tax returns with the U.S., the United States government and the IRS see it as a necessary tool to track people who use foreign accounts to hide money in avoidance of traditional taxes. If you are honest with your holdings and file according to law before the end of August deadline, there will be no real issues to worry about. However, the trouble may mount if you have more than the minimum and fail to file or underreport your earnings conflicting with the amount in the account. The civil and criminal penalties can be pricey and may be worse than simply paying any extra taxes the government may say you owe.

However, if you have kept accurate records for the last five years and attach a statement explaining why you may not have filed when you needed to, the penalties can possibly be waived. The best way to avoid any complications is to simply report all income. If you reported all income and wouldn’t have had to pay extra taxes, you can reasonably expect to file the forms without too much worry. There are now penalties for past failures to file that can get you into trouble if you do not bother to explain the oversight. Just making the effort to keep everything in check and explaining innocent oversights can really go a long way in appeasing authorities. If you truthfully disclose your foreign account holdings on your American tax return, you probably won’t owe more and therefore, will have no problems at all. But, if on your tax return, you left that question blank or declared there were no foreign accounts, your returns are inaccurate and you may very well owe more taxes and/or penalties.

As with any tax regulations, the exceptions can outnumber the rules. Certain foreign financial accounts that are jointly owned, correspondent accounts or foreign accounts owned by government entities are exceptions to filing the forms. Trust beneficiaries are also exempt.

To get the form, simply go to or call the IRS directly at 1-800-829-3676. If you need to find out for sure whether or not your accounts need to be listed or if disclosing your accounts may result in penalties from previous years, call the help line at 800-800-2877 and select option 2. Also, for specific inquiries, send questions to Once you establish you need to file, complete the form and mail to the U.S. Department of Treasury. It can be a hassle to some; but it really is best to stay on top of the new regulations and try to be as accurate as possible on your returns. It can go a long way towards avoiding any extra headaches when it comes to tax time.

LA PAZ - Art Opening in La Paz

Source: Baja Western Onion

"Four Points of View" Art Opening in La Paz - Opening reception 7:30 p.m. featuring Fernando Tames, Gloria Santoyo Ruenitz, Yandi Monardo and Patricia Larsen. Thru September 20. Galeria Carlos Olachea next to Teatro de la Ciudad at Unidad Cultural, Navarro and Héroes de Independencia, La Paz. . Gallery hours: Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m. until 6 p.m; weekends, 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Telephone: 122-9196 - Gloria S. Ruenitz,, 612-118-3683, Todos Santos

NEWS - Mexico Safe for Travel

Chula Vista City Councilmember Declares Mexico Safe for Travel
By Dorian Hargrove | Posted July 18, 2011, 3:55 p.m.

Chula Vista Deputy Mayor Rudy Ramirez says the public's perception that Mexico is unsafe is not supported by real crime statistics. In a July 18 press release, Ramirez reported on a recent meeting with mayors from cities throughout Baja and the Southern California. One of the key topics during the meeting was the false perception that many have in regards to life in Mexico. 

"A key topic of discussion was that the perception of the insecurity of the region is not supported by statistics regarding public safety," reads the press release.

At the binational meeting, mayors and elected officials requested that California Governor Jerry Brown enact laws to expedite border crossing.

"Local government officials agreed that the status quo of long border wait times and travel restrictions is no longer acceptable. We must work to ensure border security but not sacrifice efficiency," stated Ramirez.

One initiative that gained support at the meeting was a law that would require only a valid California drivers license to enter into the United States.

The mayors also supported working together to "promote economic development" and tourism.

BUSINESS - Expo boosts Mexican biz

FUMEC to promote innovative projects
Source: The News

MEXICO CITY – In the framework of Expo Mexico Emprende, the Fundación México-Estados Unidos para la Ciencia (FUMEC – Mexico-U.S. Foundation for Science) is presenting an extensive portfolio of innovative Mexican companies, programs to support them, models to integrate service processes based on innovation and mechanisms to create space for interaction between investors, funds and Mexican companies to spur their own growth and, in general, Mexican economic development.
México Emprende is a three-day event organized by the Secretary of Economy (SE) that will take place on August 19-21 in Los Angeles, California, and will bring together in one place at the same time innumerable government programs designed to help Mexicans become entrepreneurs and develop their own businesses. The aim is to create jobs, fight poverty and improve the quality of life for families in the U.S. and Mexico.
At the FUMEC stand in the “Gacelas” pavilion of the PYMES (Small and Medium-sized Businesses), Mexican companies such as Ironbit are to be introduced that are outstanding for developing applications for mobile devices in the finance sector, marketing and other areas; and offering organizations such as Grupo Pesado better ways of communicating with their followers.
At the FUMEC stand, Mexican-American entrepreneurs can find out more about Ironbit and hundreds of other Mexican companies that are outstanding for their innovations.
Moreover, FUMEC will be sharing its processes with those present, supported by the PYME Fund of the SE to enable Mexican companies to improve their business through innovation, with programs such as TechBA (Technology Business Accelerator) and SATE (System for Technological Business Assistance), as well as support for strategic niches through sector coordination.
Among other success stories that FUMEC will present at its stand will be Soisa, a World Class Aerospace Supplier; CECYPE, with a scientific approach to solutions in medicine; Irodi, robotics and industrial design for the maquiladora industry; and Matersys Group, working in IT development.
“FUMEC can help strengthen synergies between investors and entrepreneurs in the United States with innovative Mexican companies. More than one thousand Mexican companies have taken part in FUMEC programs, which, drawing on innovation, enable entrepreneurs to improve their business,” says Guillermo Fernández de la Garza, Executive Director of FUMEC.

NEWS - $640K Hidden

$640K hidden in tortilla press machines

HEBRON, Ky., Aug. 17 - U.S. Customs officers at a Kentucky airport said they found nearly $640,000 concealed in tortilla press machines shipped from Mexico.

Brian Bell, a spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said officers at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport drilled into one of the presses' rollers Saturday when the X-ray scans appeared unusual and found a cache of $100 bills, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported Tuesday.

Bell said the officers opened up the rest of the 16 press machines and discovered nearly $640,000 in cash.

ROSARITO BEACH - 23 annual Fish & Seafood Festival

23 annual Fish & Seafood Festival
Date: Aug 21st
Time: 12pm - 7pm
Location: Rosarito Beach Hotel

Featuring Baja best fish & seafood restaurants. Come enjoy wine tasting, cheese, bread, arts, kids activities, Live entertainment & more.More info got to or call 661-612-1126

ENSENADA - 'N Demand & Mary Williams Concert

Baja Sol Presents:
'N Demand & Mary Williams
Time: Aug. 23rd - Cost: $20.00

Includes show, glass of wine, and appetizers
Show starts at 5:00pm
Locations: Baja Sol KM 58 La Mision
More info contact

PUNTA BANDA - Art Workshop

Art Workshop Fused Glass Jewelry
August 23rd & 25th, 2011 It's HERE!
The workshop you're been asking & waiting for! I promise no boring dissertations on how or why fusing works, just fun, fun, fun! Together we'll decide what you which will be best for you, a pendant and earrings, brooch and earrings, hair barrette and earrings. Then choose the glass, cut it and then assemble the pieces. Then it goes in the kiln. While its cookin' and coolin' we'll have time to talk, have lunch, go for a walk, enjoy the outdoors or even take a nap! When the pieces have cooled we will finish your jewelry. You'll take home a great jewelry set for yourself, or for some lucky friend.

Cost: $45 per person ($20 deposit required by Aug 14)
Date & Location: Tuesday, Aug 23rd at La Casa de Arte Galeria Cantu or Thursday, Aug 25th at My Studio in El Sauzal

Time: 10:30am to 4:00pm - RSVP by email to and to make arrangements for payment.

ENSENADA - Vena Cava Flying Circus

Vena Cava Flying Circus
Starts: August 20, 2011
Location: La Villa del Valle - Rancho Toros Pintos San Marcos s / n - Extended Francisco Zarco Ensenada
Time: 8:00pm
Cost: Option 1 (18:30 Hrs): $ 150 USD per person or Option 2 (20:00 Hrs): $ 85 USD per person.

Option 1, 18:30 Hrs. Dinner gourmet chef Enrique Olvera and pairing wines with Vena Cava, circus alternative offered by the company Nomad Artz and After by Chef Diego Hernandez came from Vena Cava.

Option 2, 20:00 Hrs. Circus alternative offered by the company Nomad Artz and After by Chef Diego Hernandez came from Vena Cava.

More info contact Eileen Gregory - Proprietor * (01152) 646 156 8007 *

NEWS - Happy Birthday of President Felipe Calderon

Happy Birthday of President Felipe Calderon!
August 18th is President Felipe Calderon Birthday

Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa (1962 - ) is a Mexican politician and current President of Mexico, having been elected in a controversial 2006 election. A member of the PAN (Partido de Acción Nacional/National Action Party) Party, Calderón is a social conservative but a fiscal liberal.

Background: Calderón comes from a political family. His father, Luís Calderón Vega, was one of several founders of the PAN party, at a time when Mexico was basically ruled by one party only, the PRI or Revolutionary Party. An excellent student, Felipe earned degrees in law and economics in Mexico before going to Harvard University, where he received a Masters of Public Administration. He joined the PAN as a young man and quickly proved capable of important posts within the party structure. More about President Felipe Calderon go to

ROSARITO BEACH - 2nd Annual Mariachi Festival

The 2nd Annual Mariachi Festival
The best of Mariachi music and dance groups from Mexico and the U.S. In addition to the chance to hear great mariachi music, the thousands expected to attend from both Mexican and the U.S. Ticket sales will go toward helping build Rosarito’s first Boys & Girls Club. A beachfront spectacular on the grounds of the Rosarito Beach Hotel will feature both mariachi and folkloric ballet competitions each day with groups from junior high through college age from both countries.

Date: Sept. 28 - Oct. 2
Cost: Daily Competitions Tickets - Adult $10.00 & Child $5.00
Extravaganza Evening Oct. 1st - Adult $25.00 & Child $15.00
A three-day ticket package with access to ALL events (*purchased at the time you make your room reservations) - Adult $45.00  & Child $20.00. *To qualify for the special all-events ticket, room and ticket reservations must be made prior to September 1st; Room package $49 and $59. To purchase tickets by credit card, simply CLICK HERE, then click on the green button that says "Register Now"


  • Sept. 28-30: Student Workshops…check-in 
  • Sept. 30: Official Opening Ceremonies
  • Sept. 30: Participant Showcase
  • Oct. 1-2: Competencias Team USA vs. Team Mexico in both mariachi y baile folklórico
  • Oct. 1: Extravaganza en la Noche…Grammy Award-winning entertainment
  • Oct. 2: Awards and Closing Ceremonies 
Tickets on sale at the Rosarito Beach Hotel, the Rosarito Convention & Visitors Bureau or, if still available, at the event. Proceeds from the Mariachi festival will go toward the construction and operation of the Rosarito Boys and Girls Club. Members of Rosarito’s large expatriate community will be helping as event volunteers and the Rosarito Beach Hotel is offering special lodging packages.

The mariachi festival has been named an official event of Mexico’s bicentennial. Details are available: or email GILSPERRY@YAHOO.COM  or  ROSYMTORRES@HOTMAIL.COM

NEWS - War for the crown of Miss Mexico

Source: by: Vicky247

Mexico's Jimena Navarrete is crowned Miss Universe 2010 in Las Vegas

Lupita Jones accused the now former Miss Mexico being undisciplined and lacking commitment to the activities to be undertaken as a global representative of the Mexican beauty.

Jones said that the weight of the model was not "the fundamental reason why the title was withdrawn" . "The repeated lack of dedication and commitment they demonstrated for more than six months of preparation "had been the real reasons.

"The decision was not abrupt, but it came after a lengthy evaluation process and several attempts to get her correct attitude that allowed him to prepare adequately to meet the challenge of representing Mexico in an international contest. It was difficult, but necessary , "Jones said in a news conference.

In turn, the director of Nuestra Belleza Mexico defended himself: "In 17 years I've been in front, the organization has always been based on discipline and the unwavering commitment to promoting the image of Mexico to the world. "

On Monday, Cynthia de la Vega accused the organization of having dismissed because "required him to lose a few kilos more" , but had not provided "the necessary help." "I totally disagree, because if you had a weight problem, if not happy, I asked many times their support and was denied," he said.

But the controversy did not end there. The father of the Jones model is now claiming that "they suggested" lying about the reasons why it was separated from the title .As indicated by Univision , I had two choices: resign for alleged health problem or say that was removed for not complying with their obligations.