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BUSINESS - Expo boosts Mexican biz

FUMEC to promote innovative projects
Source: The News

MEXICO CITY – In the framework of Expo Mexico Emprende, the Fundación México-Estados Unidos para la Ciencia (FUMEC – Mexico-U.S. Foundation for Science) is presenting an extensive portfolio of innovative Mexican companies, programs to support them, models to integrate service processes based on innovation and mechanisms to create space for interaction between investors, funds and Mexican companies to spur their own growth and, in general, Mexican economic development.
México Emprende is a three-day event organized by the Secretary of Economy (SE) that will take place on August 19-21 in Los Angeles, California, and will bring together in one place at the same time innumerable government programs designed to help Mexicans become entrepreneurs and develop their own businesses. The aim is to create jobs, fight poverty and improve the quality of life for families in the U.S. and Mexico.
At the FUMEC stand in the “Gacelas” pavilion of the PYMES (Small and Medium-sized Businesses), Mexican companies such as Ironbit are to be introduced that are outstanding for developing applications for mobile devices in the finance sector, marketing and other areas; and offering organizations such as Grupo Pesado better ways of communicating with their followers.
At the FUMEC stand, Mexican-American entrepreneurs can find out more about Ironbit and hundreds of other Mexican companies that are outstanding for their innovations.
Moreover, FUMEC will be sharing its processes with those present, supported by the PYME Fund of the SE to enable Mexican companies to improve their business through innovation, with programs such as TechBA (Technology Business Accelerator) and SATE (System for Technological Business Assistance), as well as support for strategic niches through sector coordination.
Among other success stories that FUMEC will present at its stand will be Soisa, a World Class Aerospace Supplier; CECYPE, with a scientific approach to solutions in medicine; Irodi, robotics and industrial design for the maquiladora industry; and Matersys Group, working in IT development.
“FUMEC can help strengthen synergies between investors and entrepreneurs in the United States with innovative Mexican companies. More than one thousand Mexican companies have taken part in FUMEC programs, which, drawing on innovation, enable entrepreneurs to improve their business,” says Guillermo Fernández de la Garza, Executive Director of FUMEC.

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