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ENSENADA - Baja California Wine Route 2011

Baja California Wine Route 2011
Baja California has found a single factor for the promotion of Mexico to the world, because winemaking has become an activity of great growth and its production accounts for 90% of the total wine production in Mexico.

It is estimated that about 160,000 people visit the Wine Route, 30,000 during the Harvest Festival and the other on tours of the wineries in the valleys.

The Wine Route starts in the municipality of Tecate, continuing through the valleys of Calafia, Guadalupe and San Antonio de las Minas, extending east to the Valle de Ojos Negros and south to the Valleys of Santo Tomás and San Vicente Ferrer in the municipality of Ensenada.

The tours range from small family wineries to large-scale producers, offering a wide range of additional attractions, such as La Bufadora, walks around the bay, fishing and ecotourism. Las Playas de Rosarito is 45 minutes away by road and visitors can enjoy traditional Puerto Nuevo Lobster, horseback riding and surfing.

Baja California is being focus for its gastronomy, both nationally and internationally. This movement driven by excellent chefs Baja California has attracted big names and this year there are plans to record the eighth season of "Mexico One Plate at a Time" by Rick Bayless and 5 episodes of "Aquilísimo" by Aquiles Chavez Chef also the Baja California Culinary Fest "which will take place from 5 to 9 October.

Announced at a press conference, the State Tourism Secretary, Mr. Juan Benjamín Tintos Funcke, David Bibayoff, President of Provino, Mr. Carlos García CANIRAC Travesi of Regional and Javier Plasencia, Chef owner of Mission 19.

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