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LORETO - Protecting The Sea Turtle Nest

The Sudcaliforniano I August 19, 2011 I By: Raul Villalobos Davis

Loreto, Baja California Sur .- It is located over a sea turtle nest in the beach area of ​​Ensenada Blanca in the municipality of Loreto, so we did know the address of Loreto Bay National Park.

This happened several days ago during one of the tours this beach, where staff are participating in the program to protect sea turtles in the municipality of Loreto located the trace of a turtle that had come to the seashore, by which proceeded to follow him to know what the nest site and establish the necessary protective measures for the same.

It is estimated, reported, that the nest can be approximately between 90 and 110 eggs, the nest is in constant surveillance.

In this program for the protection of sea turtles has implemented in the municipality of Loreto are participating PNBL staff, FONMAR, CONAPESCA, Armada de Mexico, Harbor, ZOFEMAT, PROFEPA, among other authorities, as well as non-governmental groups and the general public that has decided to join this effort, which will remain constant during the remaining time to the nesting season, and similarly it will work preparing for next year.

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