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NEWS - Happy Birthday of President Felipe Calderon

Happy Birthday of President Felipe Calderon!
August 18th is President Felipe Calderon Birthday

Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa (1962 - ) is a Mexican politician and current President of Mexico, having been elected in a controversial 2006 election. A member of the PAN (Partido de Acción Nacional/National Action Party) Party, Calderón is a social conservative but a fiscal liberal.

Background: Calderón comes from a political family. His father, Luís Calderón Vega, was one of several founders of the PAN party, at a time when Mexico was basically ruled by one party only, the PRI or Revolutionary Party. An excellent student, Felipe earned degrees in law and economics in Mexico before going to Harvard University, where he received a Masters of Public Administration. He joined the PAN as a young man and quickly proved capable of important posts within the party structure. More about President Felipe Calderon go to

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