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OFF ROAD - SCORE San Felipe Challenge of Champions


San Felipe Residents, Businesses, Guests and Friends of San Felipe,

Sal Fish’s SCORE organization has been able to bring a second big race to San Felipe which had formerly been known as the Primm Race. The new race will be the San Felipe Challenge of Champions, a named and incorporated race which Sal came up with in Mikey Thompson’s time. We will still host the full Baja 250 Race.

The Challenge of Champions will feature cars and trucks but no motorcycles or quad classes. Although the Challenge Race will have fewer entries than the 250, it is an equally important race because it will give us a couple million dollars of spending in San Felipe which we all know is badly needed. It also gives us a great chance to preview San Felipe to a vested patron, “The Off Roaders”.
We want to welcome the racers in a special way for the Challenge Race with banners as they enter town and give an opportunity for everyone to participate by giving the appropriate level of donation. The San Felipe goal is to raise $50,000 USD to help SCORE offset race expenses and production costs which cannot all be covered by entry fees. We cannot let SCORE lose money in this event and we don’t want to risk losing the event for the following two years, which they say they will commit to.

We all know if we had a chance to invest $50,000 to get over a $2 million return, we would do it every chance we had. Well San Felipe, this is our chance to secure the “Challenge of Champions Race” but it will take all of our participation to hit the $50,000 goal.
Here are the donation opportunities we have designed:
1. Free Weekend for Two (Goal Amount $10,000):

100 peso raffle ticket to win a Free Weekend for Two, 2 nights including breakfast, lunch and dinner at:

El Cortez Hotel

Red Lobster Hotel

Marina Resort and Spa

2. Todos por San Felipe (Goal Amount $20,000)

Every car entering through the checkpoint will be offered 2 50 pesos redemption coupons for 100 pesos in participating restaurants, bars, Oxxo, Pemex Stations or any retail store that displays the “Challenge of Champions” logo in their establishment. (The retailer can receive a facture from Cotuco by turning in collected coupons for deductibility)

3. Contributions (Goal Amount $20,000)

We expect all businesses to generously contribute to the Challenge of Champions Race to help secure this race for the next two years. (Cotuco will issue these donors a facture for tax deduction purposes.)

It will take all of us with an open heart, open mind, and open pocket to reach this goal for our town—San Felipe. A complete breakdown of the use of funds will appear on the Consejo de Desarrollo en San Felipe’s web site (
Viva San Felipe!
Viva SCORE’s Challenge of the Champions
Thank you,


Consejo de Desarrollo Económico en San Felipe

PS Checks need to be made out to EL CONSEJO DE DESARROLLO ECONOMICO DE SAN FELIPE, AC. and they can be dropped off at Restaurant Baja Mar, Attn. Octavio Ascolani, Treasurer, CDESF

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