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Just arrived from a 2 month vacation from the cooler Bay Area and a trip to explore SUPER HOT Baja California Sur Villa del Palmar Loreto. Very beautiful, very hot. So worth it.

Back in San Felipe Galeria Olivar Millan. Opening and ready to welcome you on this Friday Aug 26. Come back for a visit if you are in town. Let me know if you are an artist and want to hang your work. Need a Bio, Art work that reflects the culture of San Felipe and Mexico (according to state guide lines and immigration laws). Do not bring ART work to the Galeria Olivar Millan at this time.. We are limited in space and your work needs to be approved first.
I have a list of themes that may give the Galeria Olivar Millan , museum type exhibitions that will encourage collectors and art investors' monthly even weekly visits. This list may give the artist motivation and encouragement to explore more medias.

For those that are interested and have asked,
Small classes will be offered in the areas:
No children at this time. Do not bring your children to the PLAZITA.
That is against Plazita regulations and my contract with them.

1.Color and designed. (Beginning) Principles of art:
structure ,line, color,shade, color wheel
Materials needed: Black, White, red, blue yellow acylic.(no oil Please)

2.Beginning Drawing the human Body. (Beginning)
Materials needed: pencils, ink, acyrylic paint, brushes,

3.Art Evolution: History and individual Artists critiques (Established Artists)
Film and Music intergration and presentations and critiques
Exploration: any media one art media creation for critique

4. The Great Mexican Muralists: English and Spanish all levels
Critical Process
Educational films/softwear
Materials : paint brushes, canvas
5. Web design for Artists

Come by to see me this weekend... Would love to see you...It's cool in side. Antojitos available

Ruth Olivar Millan,MA

Owner, Galeria Olivar Millan

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