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SAN FELIPE - The family of the missing fishermen need your help

It has been a horrendous few weeks for several families, including my own. Please allow me a moment to introduce myself. My name is Mandi Lee and my father is Donald Lee; one of the missing fishing men aboard the vessel Eric. About a month ago, we heard the most horrific news one could possibly imagine. Our father, along with my Uncle Al and 4 of his friends went missing in the Sea of Cortez when their boat sunk at 2:30am. When we heard the news of the ship "capsizing" (as it was reported early on), we immediately went into action as we felt compelled to do everything we could to prevent ourselves from feeling helpless. We have prayed day and night for 35 days and with each day that passes, our hopes and worse fears slowly trickle, despite our urge and refusal to give up.

The article written by Karri Moser [of Baja Good Life Club for the Baja Report] was the best article I have read to date. I have personally read each and every article posted (over 100's) hoping to piecemeal this horrible but living nightmare. We have heard little information from our government. Please let this individual know how much his/he work means to me. This individual has been able to report on the story with concrete information and provide facts and details that have not been reported by US media. Information is all we have to go on, so you can understand how despite this tragedy information is the only thing that helps me cope. I have even gone to great length in contacting the Secretary of Tourism for Baja Mexico, desperate for information. I have read the article a number of times and I am seeking additional information, if you should be so kind to help us. The article mentioned the instrumental efforts of Michael Kalicki to help three of the survivors. Many of the families would like to contact him and send he and his family equipment/money for his effort as our way of saying thank you.

Additionally, last week, a miracle we believe occurred. My father's tacklebox was returned to us. Tangled in the nets of fishermen crabbing, these gentlemen with tender hearts made their way back to San Felipe, handed this tacklebox to a caretaker named John Chow, who handed this tacklebox with my father's name and number to his employer who lives in Northern California. This tacklebox was not only retrieved from hundreds of feet in the waters of San Felipe, but travalled another 80 miles North to board an airplane to N. California. The homeowner, Mike Fuller resides 6 miles from my parents home. So you see, we feel touched by the people of San Felipe and we want them to know that we feel touched by their kindness, their efforts and generosity. We plan on visiting San Felipe in the coming weeks where we hope to meet Mr. Kalicki, the Magee's and many more to the thank them personally.

Our fathers are still out there. They are either in the boat trapped or on an island holding onto dear life. Our fathers are resourceful, avid fishermen. Two are veterans of the Vietnam war. My father in particular is incredibly resourceful, smart and is stubborn as an ox. He had three loves in life which happen to start with /f/; family, food and fishing. These men are fighters and we if didn't think there was a chance of them surviving this horrific tragedy, we wouldn't dare to bother you and ask for help. If you could continue to report on the Eric to keep our story alive, we would be thankful and if you could please provide us with the contact information of Mr. Kalicki, we would be so thankful.

Thank you,
Mandi Lee

Thank you for your continued support...leave no man behind!

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