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WINE - A Harvest Festival Story

August 5-21: 21st Annual Fiestas de la Vendimia
The Annual Grape Harvest Festival
Info & tickets: Baja California Winemakers Association (646)178-3038
A Harvest Festival Story
He came by air and by land (California) - Night Harvest, closure has come for the warm month of August, the wind blows across the sea cheerful and the sun shines at the top of the sky. 
Is a time of abundance in the Guadalupe Valley, Baja California. The vineyards look lush, loaded with ripe grapes, announcing that the time has come to reap one of the most revered fruits by man: the grape.
Before the fall, winemakers and farmers begin the process of picking.Full of illusions collect this generous fruit to finish a cycle of hope and begin one of passions. It is time to reap the benefits of the land to recover the time left on the grooves, to feel pride in the vine is planted, and dreaming of fortified wines.
But this romantic cycle can not end without a worthy celebration to thank this good earth, and can not end well, because people who live and work in the field knows of sacrifices to get up hours before dawn and sweat from dawn to dusk he knows the pain and pleasure that it feels like to lose or a good harvest, people who can give thanks for another year.
It is time to celebrate and share the harvest, a few days when you forget the hard days of yesterday and tomorrow purposes to enjoy in today all makes sense. It's something that speaks of tradition, a wine culture in Mexico, slowly grows.
To understand this ancient celebration should work with pride, feeling the blood that runs through the veins is the same that comes from the bowels of the earth, something that comes from generations. However, to enjoy only need to be willing to provide a full cup and enjoy the good life.
The celebration of the harvest is experienced with the senses and the heart. Listening to the passion with which we speak of a good wine, smell and feel the goodness of grapes and, of course, taste the best reserves. Here in the Valle de Guadalupe, a space is opened to romanticism, that invites us to tour the vineyards at dusk to walk and breathe deeply under an open sky, to the delight of being truly alive.
The celebration of pleasureThe origin of the harvest comes from ancient Greece, where the grape harvest was a cause of celebration. Then Dionysian festivals were celebrated as a rite of peace and pleasure to worship the deity of Dionysus, known in Latin culture, as Bacchus, who was paid tribute for five days. This great festival was regarded as one of the most important of the empire.
Since then, the festive ceremony is held, similarly, for wine producers worldwide. In Mexico, the Harvest Festival are held for more than a decade, trying to mix the ancient winemaking tradition and colorful national folklore.
In early August, the region provides its guests the best wines to offer.For more than ten days, the wineries come together to organize and hold events alluding to the grape harvest: tastings, wine tastings, concerts and festivals. The harvest is for everyone, whether it is a resident visitor. It is a question of showing joy because the grapes are well juicy.
Some of the events in the different vineyards and wineries ranging from dance and music concerts, although each event has its magic, its own personality, sample delicious regional cuisine and definitely the best house wines.
To close the festivities organized a contest for paella. It brings together hundreds of teams looking to gain recognition for the best flavor. It is really an event to celebrate life and good friends. The atmosphere is great, especially after the first drink.
All participants are given time to prepare his masterpiece, for the select group of judges rate the flavors and presentation. It may seem incredible, but this contest has become an obsession for those who "throw the house out the window" when it comes to preparing the best paella.
Platters with all sorts of viands pass from one side to another, combinations of land and sea, traditional and campiranos in this contest is a real space for culinary creativity. The fires are prepared with care, as they say, there's the secret. At the end of the day it is a perfect excuse to live with friends and drinking good wines from Valle de Guadalupe.
Here they eat, drink and enjoy without limits. Sounds of live music throughout the party and dance is not over until the light goes out, which does not happen until well into the night.
There is magic in this vintage, its music, the intense color of the grapes and the smell of oak barrels where the wine matures. Magic that perhaps only understood by those who know wine, but it can be appreciated by anyone who is swayed by the gentle rhythm of this joyous celebration.
To learn about wineDuring the festival of harvest offer guided wine tours through the vineyards and wineries of the various homes.

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