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BAJA - Find our Father's asking for help

We understand that of the 7 that are missing, 1 was wearing a life jacket and made it off the boat. 3 of the 7 are unaccounted for by the survivors and they were last seen in their room. They were not warned by any passengers, nor crew. Locating the boat and conducting a dive would provide some of the families with closure. If the men aren't in the boat, there is certainly a possibility that some could be alive in one of the surrounding islands that stretch those 42 miles. Miracles can happen and have happened. Men have been found alive months later as I have read (2001, 2006).

While we are working on planning a second recovery, could you please ask your readers to be on the look out for us. Our father's are resourceful men, and fighters. They wouldn't give up which is why we are fighting so hard to have them return to us. Your help would mean the world to us.

Thank you!
Mandi Lee

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