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Benefits of Tequila and Lime

We must not forget the little ceremony either. A dash of salt, a slice of lime, banging the empty glass down on the table after you’ve slammed one – tequila truly is a unique drink, there’s nothing else quite like it. 

But for all you tequila fans, did you know that your favorite liquor is actually very good for you as well? The health benefits of tequila and lime are pretty far reaching, so the next time someone complains about your drinking, hit them up with these hard facts:

To your health!
So get this. The cactus used to make tequila, the blue agave, has many unique properties that studies have shown afford numerous health benefits. One study, conducted at the University of Guadalajara (well, they would, wouldn’t they?) has shown that the cactus contains some excellent therapeutic properties, and hence so does the drink itself. Tequila raises the level of good cholesterol in your body, reduces the level of the bad stuff, and makes you more relaxed before you hit the sack.
Our Mexican researchers also found that tequila gives your cardiac functions a boost, for instance by increasing metabolism so you digest food better. Although, please don’t go thinking that two bottles of tequila a day is the way to go to lose weight – it’s really not.

Tequila also has the effect of making your body absorb medicine more easily. A little known problem with ingesting medicine is that a large part of it will be destroyed by our stomach acids. A study in Unbound Medicine showed that something called fructose polymer, present in agave, protects the medicine in your stomach, and helps to make sure it gets delivered into your blood stream intact. Therefore, you’re gonna get better, sooner, right? Suddenly being sick doesn’t sound like such a bad thing if you get to knock those pills back with a shot of tequila.

What else? Well, we don’t want to start promoting alcoholism, and you already have quite an arsenal of arguments to defend your drinking habits, but if you do need a trump card, try one of these:

  • Studies show that people who drink tequila regularly have a 54 percent less risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia
  • Same goes for diabetes, 30 to 40 percent less chance
  • Tequila also puts you at slightly less at risk of suffering from a stroke
So there you have it. Tequila and lime is one healthy drink! Add to that the fact that drinking tequila is FUN, it’s an incredibly sociable drink, it’s cheap (at least the stuff I drink), and it tastes damn good… Need we say more? Salud!

So you love drinking tequila and lime right? And why shouldn’t you love a taste of tequila and lime now and again? After all, it’s a drink that millions of people around the world cherish – it’s hugely popular – it can get you very intoxicated and it can be fun drinking it!

The lime too, has its benefits. Tons of them in fact. It’s long been a traditional remedy for cold and flu symptoms thanks to its high vitamin C content, but more recently scientists have discovered new benefits too. These include lowering blood cholesterol levels, increasing immunity to disease, aiding recovery from injury (you heal faster), preventing tooth decay and gum disease, aiding sufferers of constipation and treating peptic ulcers to name just a few! 

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