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ENSENADA: Boaters Beware of Dredge Vessel in Harbor

ENSENADA, Mexico — The Log Newspaper - The Mexican navy publishes monthly notices to mariners, available on under publications and “Avisos de los Marinos,” just as the U.S. Coast Guard publishes its “Notice to Mariners.” They both cite changes that boaters should be aware of, to ensure their safety.

Right now, boaters entering Ensenada Harbor should be aware that the dredge vessel "Baja California", with assist tugs and barges, will be operating within and near the entrance channel and breakwaters for at least the next 75 days.

By their design, dredges are usually unable to move out of boaters’ way — so, boaters are advised to pay attention to the dredge location and any buoyed pipes and other equipment near it. Give the dredge and assist vessels plenty of working room.

Two new yellow buoys are floating along the east side of the harbor channel, as reported by George Glick, a boater berthed at Cruiseport Village Marina. Glick suggested that boaters should pass both yellow buoys to starboard before turning right toward the entrance to that marina.

In June, two additional red buoys were anchored in the harbor, according to “Avisos de los Marinos,” marking a new construction zone. The area south of the cruise ship mole will be developed, according to Las Noticias newspaper, now that the last sunken debris from S.S. Catalina was hauled away this spring. The four new buoys mark the new construction field. More construction is planned north of the cruise ship mole starting in 2012.

Also reported in “Avisos,” the racon or radio beacon atop the western San Benito Island is out of service. The light is working well, but there’s no racon signal on radar, which formerly painted the Morse Code “B” or dah dit dit dit. The notice did not say if or when that racon will be put back in service.

This article first appeared in the September 2011 issue of The Log Newspaper. All or parts of the information contained in this article might be outdated

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