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PUPPY needs home

Rescued adorable female puppy but won't be able to keep her as I travel 4-6 months out of a year for work. Sheila (temporary name) is a little more than 2 months old, very very cute and surprisingly well behaved (especially for a puppy). I have her sleep on her own in the living room, she does not whine or wince, neither when I leave the house, but patiently awaits me and gives a shower of gratitude in kisses and tail wagging and joy-jumping when I come back. She is gnawing on her toys and an occasional bone and leaves furniture alone (an occasional shoe will be shlepped as substitute baby blanket into her sleeping spot). She plays adoringly on her own, is totally social, loves children and I hope to find her a very very good home. Looking at her paws, she will become a medium sized dog. She is smart and curious, responds to whistle and name calling already and will be easy to train. She now is worm-free, flea-free, mite-free and putting on weight and monday she gets all shots. She will be a lovely lovely companion. Please write or call me if interested: Iris or Sylvere at Rancho Packard 664-152-0140. Thank you. Contact me for photos of Sheila - Iris Klein,

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