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SERVICE - Blood Needed for two people!!

Blood Doners Needed
Source: Baja Pony Express

(1) Amparo's sister is in San Jose and needs "O" 624-154-6570 If you need a ride to San Jose, Amparo will take you.

(2) Suzann Tucker is in La Paz and need surgery. Any blood tupe is OK.

Donor Requirements:
• Weight at least 110 pounds
• Measure at least 4’11”
• Ages 18 to 65
• 45 days or more from last donation
• No alcohol or medications in the last 48 hours
• No cavities
• Up to 3 months pregnant
• Slept 6 consecutive hours
• Arrive with an empty stomach (only liquids/juice)

People with the following history can’t be donors:
• Homosexuals
• STD herpes
• HIV+
• Bisexuals
• Cancer or diabetes
• Promiscuous heterosexuals
• Prostitute men or women
• Paid donors
• Intravenous drug use
• Malaria in the last 5 years
• Hepatitis at any stage in life
• Heart problems (insufficiency, hypertension, attacks)
• Epilepsy or convulsive crisis

Wear Long Pants!

You cannot donate if presently:
• Have infection symptoms (diarrhea, fever, cough, flu)
• Are taking medication
• Women are in their period
• Women more than 3 months pregnant, lactating or that just had a baby
• Have active allergies In the last year
• Had syphilis or gonorrhea
• Been in contact with a person with hepatitis
• Had gamma-globulin applied
• Had tattoos, acupuncture or diverse punctures/piercings
• Blood transfusions or derivatives
• Organ transplant
• Rabies or hepatitis B shots In the last 6 months
• Major surgery (3 months for minor) In the last 28 days
• Smallpox, tetanus, measles shots In the last 72 hours
• Dental extractions
Below are the letters from Suzann and Susan Tucker needs surgery

a. one of those, one doctor not telling the other? Happens in the states also. Surgery was scheduled for this morning and this morning I was told we need 6 pts. of blood before. Is There Anyone Left In Pony Land That Can Help?

Sure would like to get this done and be home before happy hour. thanks allot all suzann tucker

b. the hospital says I need 6 people to replace the needed blood for my surgery. this is a good hospital, but this surgery is very dangerous as well, and I cannot go anywhere else because of the serious condition. I'm just trying to save my life, Our friend Pako started it.

c. I have A negative, but they (the hospital) said the donations were for replacements and any would do. The address is here in La Paz, At Centro Estatal de las Transfusion Sanguinea,
Bravo 1010, Esq. Josefa Ortiz de D.
Torre del Hospital Juan Ma. Salvatierra
Tel: (612) 12 54011
La Paz, B,C,S.

thanks so much, if you could get the word out for me.

Guess they, the hospital, are having trouble getting a doctor to do the surgery, this doctor says tomorrow morning and that I will be in intensive care afterwards, different than the first 2 doctors. I really got myself into a pickle this time. - suzann tucker

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