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LA PAZ - First Annual Charity Event at Tailhunter

Imágenes de Tailhunter Restaurant and FUBAR Cantina, La Paz

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Hot August Nights First Annual Charity Event at Tailhunter – A Rockin’ n Rollin’ Success!
Source: Date: September 5, 2011, By: by Susan Fogal

Here in La Paz, August can easily be called “Summer Hell” it is hot, hot, hot. Many businesses go into stasis, waiting for the cool weather, and tourists and the foreign snowbirds to return. Mexican state and federal employees have extended vacations. So a “why bother?” attitude sinks in. Not at Tailhunter!

Last Saturday night, a hundred plus locals, Mexicans, and foreigners crowded into Jonathan Roldan’s Tailhunter Bar and Restaurant. Elvis in many incarnations, Marilyn Monroe ( Jill Roldan), car hops, little girls in circle skirts and scarves knotted at the neck, and some other “girls” that were probably around for the original, were wearing the iconic Poodle Skirts, crowded all three levels of the bar.
According to co-owner Jilene Anne Roldan, the night was a raving success. When you consider that it was decided only three weeks out to make the event a charity and that Jill was out of the country for two of those weeks, raving success is an understatement. In that short time a logo was designed, T-shirts printed and classic cars corralled to add to the atmosphere. I had to drag my beloved from the perfectly restored VW bus; his dream car!
The recipient charity was DIF (The State System for the Full Development of the Family (Desarrollo Integral de la Familia). DIF does more than just hand out your senior discount card, it protects orphaned or abandoned children and assists in legal adoptions and otherwise works to support and build families.
Not a final count, but so far the amount of money raised is $15,000 (pesos). There are still limited edition, mermaid, carhop t-shirts available for purchase for $130.00 (pesos). The profit goes to DIF.
Laura and The Baja Boys rocked the night away with a good mix of the fifties and sixties music.
Who needs headliner groups like the Rolling Stones or the Beach Boys? We have Laura and the Baja Boys. And they are our neighbors. And that is what this was: a neighborhood party to support a local charity, and it was our neighbors that came out and danced and bought raffle tickets, and ordered root beer floats, and bought Tequila shots from this guy: OH! That’s Jonathan Roldan, and the money from the shots sales went to DIF.
Totally danceable and singable, the music made the night a blast! All of the boys in the band wore Elvis wigs and had a pack of cigarettes rolled in their shirt sleeve.
Laura was the perfect carhop and belted many a song balancing a carhop tray complete with drinks, burger and chips! The band even had a great fifties style sign advertising DeLuxe Burgers! The attention to detail in costume and music made a lively evening even better.
Jill sends her thanks to the community and the donors of raffle prizes for their support. She and Jonathan are thrilled that so many of you came out on such short notice. One hundred people bought tickets. Let’s double that next year!
This was just plain fun, and for a good cause too.

For a chance to buy a commemorative t-shirt, contact Jill: or 612 125 3311. Follow her on Facebook:

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