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ROAD REPORT - Tijuana to Cabo

Courtesy of Baja Pony Express * Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2011 18:24:06 -0700

Greetings from Cabo. Pat and I drove the Baja and arrived Cabo Friday, 23 Sept. I thought I would bring you up to date, this is the time of year that you plan your return. For those driving, let me summarize the trip. As you know the Baja highway is under reconstruction, major in some areas. If I knew the conditions I would have driven mainland and crossed by ferry at La Paz. The first obstacle pops up south of Ensenada, about 5 miles of treachery, ending at St Tomas wine country. This is major, they have totally cut up that really nice drive through the mountains there, no signage, no flag people and no direction. Daytime it is a crapshoot, nightime a nightmare. It appears that the workers leave and you must find your own way through a mirade of dirt, dust and mud. Three more unmarked detours exist on the north Baja, some scary, some terrorizing. Not recommended in anything short of off road with lots of headlights. After Guerro Negro it gets better for awhile.

However, the trip between Todos Santos and Cabo is recommended only for the adventurous few who have a death wish. The first 10 miles from Todos Santos is like a dream, 4 lane with markers, cats eyes in the road and plenty of bridges. The next 30 miles is totally torn up with detours, ditches, surprises, and traffic travelling in the other direction believing they are in the Baja 500. Buses and trucks are making it through so it is drivable, but fairly rememberable in the area of I don't want to do it again. I would recommend the long way through Los Barriles and San Jose, the extra 2 hours will be added to your life many times. In fact, I think the best bet is ferry to La Paz, hwy 1 to Cabo. I had a heavy load in my Volvo, built in Sweden for just such roads, had to replace two rear shocks and one tire. When I arrived in Cabo, I took up drinking again. Pass this on to anyone crazy enough to drive the Baja. I do not have Jaque's Squamish email, hope someone does, he is in for a surprise. I drove the Baja 12 times, this will be the last time for awhile. Thanks and good luck,
Dennis Juanita G. []

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Road report for Monday September 26, 2011. Tijuana to Guerrero Negro. This will be my fourth year of driving from Vancouver to La Paz and the Baja portion is the worst I’ve seen it. After picking up my FMM card at the San Ysidro border crossing (7 am) I checked the GPS which said 3 PM arrival at Guerro Negro. It was three hours off. There are four sections of the road which are being worked on - north of Santo Tomas, north and south of Catavina and north of Guerro Negro. Each section is 5 to 10 km in length and involves a detour off the road as they are ripping up the old pavement and putting new down and the paving machine is not keeping up with the ripping machine. If you have anything valuable in your vehicle, like kids or kidneys, you’ll take these sections in low gear.

I stopped for a late breakfast at La Mision restaurant in Vicente Guerrero (north of San Quentin). West side of highway. Highly recommended. I’m on my way to La Paz so tomorrow I’ll post the road report for the rest of the trip. Warren

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