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ROSARITO - Ensenada / Rosarito Bike Ride

ENSENADA ROSARITO BIKE RIDE - 24 september, 2011 - 10:00 a.m.
Celebrating the Art of Jose Guadalupe Posada
More info contact Director: Andres Muñoz - Email: or Phone: 011-52-646-174-0033

Working tirelessly for over forty years as an artisan who refused to compromise the integrity of his work, Jose Guadalupe Posada became Mexico's most beloved national artist. Renewing and preserving the art of engraving, Posada became a constant inspiration to Mexican artists of the twentieth century, including the world-famous Mexican muralists, Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco.

While some of his subjects may require some explanation for non-Mexican viewers, the prints of this popular artist never fail to arouse immediate and lasting admiration all over the world for the brilliancy of their craftsmanship, composition and graphic techniques, and for their amazing source of imagination. His work symbolizes that life is transitory, and we should celebrate every day!

The most imaginative and celebrated facet of his creations is the Calaveras, the Spanish word for skull, and, by extension, skeleton. In the case of our design for the September 2011 event, it continues the tradition of Posada by illustrating every conceivable activity in human existenceÐin this case the sport of bicycling.

Most of the art that is inspired by Posada is sold around All Souls Day on November 2, The Day of the Dead in Mexico. At this holiday, it is traditional to sell figurines, toys, cakes, candy, etc. in the form of skeletons. Posada used his Calaveras prints as social reportage, cultural manifestos and social satire.

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