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VIDEO - Great white shark surface breach videotaped from dive cage

This is peak viewing season for great white sharks in the pristine waters around Guadalupe Island west of Baja California, which allow for intimately close encounters with the world's most notorious predators, from within steel cages designed to keep divers safe.

They witness first-hand how stealthy and cautious white sharks are, contrary to a once-popular belief that they're the seaborne version of vicious attack dogs.

However, white sharks do show aggression toward one another to gain or express dominance, and the speedy dash to the surface, captured on video from below the surface, is a show of dominance (pay attention at the 1:00 mark).
Said Mike Lever, who runs the Nautilus Explorer, from which the video was captured: "That is the first time in all our years of shark diving that we have caught a breaching shark on video. It's something that our divers see perhaps two or three times per year. Average that out over 17 trips and it's pretty darn rare."
And pretty darn spectacular. 
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