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BAJA - Help Wanted. Make Money Loving Baja!

The Baja Good Life Club is looking a few good people:

We need a single person in each community that is knowledgeable in the region and is either a full-time, or part-time resident of 6-months or more in their community. 

The position requires Internet skills, decent written communication skills, self-motivated, and a real people skills. The job requires some sales, a little "Wal-Mart greeter", and a smiggin' of beat reporter. This is the ideal gig for anyone that loves Baja, loves to share Baja, and wants to make some money enjoying the Baja Good Life.    

Communities Needed: Mulege, Loreto, Los Barriles, San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas. 

The job is exclusive, meaning only one position available per community. The job is a commission based position, with monthly payments. Contact the Baja Good Life Club for more information:

BGLC Sales Director
Bill Spradlin

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