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BAJA - 22 Mile Swim for Breast Cancer

22 Mile Swim in the Sea of Cortez for Breast Cancer
by Aura Raducan, BGLC Staff writer

The blue and clear waters of the Sea of Cortez will give hope to many women who have gone through the ordeal of cancer. Azul Marino Team will show us how a long and vigorous swim across rolling waves will bring a tinge of hope in the lives of some members of the community. 
The swimming team is made up of eight people who live in La Paz, Cancun, and Mexico City. They will swim no less than 22 miles, and the event will take place in the Sea of Cortez, on October 22.

 A 22-mile swim is no mean feat, so it is up to the public to make this effort worthwhile. Each of these dedicated swimmers will have an inexhaustible supply of swimming strokes that are put up for sale. Those who want to contribute can “buy” these strokes, and thus donate to the women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. 

In Mexico, breast cancer is the most frequent form of cancer among women. It has an incidence rate of 21%, and it causes the highest number of victims as compared to other types of cancer. Because of early treatment, more than 85% of these women manage to survive, though their lives will never be the same again. Once the cancer is removed from the body, each patient needs to undergo a reconstruction surgery. Unfortunately, many women do not afford this procedure. 

This is where Azul Marino Team comes into picture. Each person who donates for this cause will provide a woman with the necessary funds to get this life-changing surgery. 

Citizens can make donations by wire transfer and check. Those who decide to make a donation will need to contact the organizers and let them know what swimmer will be the recipient of the donation. 

One stroke at a time and the swimmers will reach the end of their journey. One dollar at a time and a woman will reach the end of her suffering.  

List of Swimmers:

  • Margarita Kiewek
  • Cristina Kiewek
  • Marcela Kiewek
  • Maite Marques
  • Lorena Tassier
  • Sergio Pérez
  • Andrea Fernández de Castro
  • Valeria Rivera
  • Antonio Colmenares

Contact the Organizers: Azul Marino
Marina Costa Baja
La Paz B.C.S
Phone number:  612-106-7009 * Email address:

*Statistics provided by the International Agency for Research on Cancer for year 2008.

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