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FISHING - 746-pound Marlin in Cabo San Lucas

746 lb hanging

Source: petethomasoutdoors

Cabo San Lucas waters yield 746-pound marlin a day before start of big-money tournament. A 746-pound blue marlin was pulled from the waters offCabo San Lucas on Tuesday, a day before the annual big-money Bisbee's Black & Blue marlin tournament was set to begin. The Black & Blue runs through Friday.

The massive billfish, which died less than an hour into the fight, was caught aboard the Tracy Ann out of Pisces Sport fishing. Had the same fish been caught during the Bisbee's event, which is billed as the world's richest billfish tournament, it could have been worth a few million dollars.

According to the Pisces blog, the marlin was hooked less than two miles offshore on the Pacific side of the Baja California peninsula. A more specific location was withheld, presumably, because of the impending three-day tournament and a desire to keep top fishing locations secret.

Florida anglers Patrick Neville, his wife Jean, and Thomas Heinz and his wife Penny were credited with the catch. The 31-foot Tracy Ann is captained by popular skipper Julio Castro. 

It took nearly two hours to raise the marlin after it had sounded and perished. Oddly, the marlin lacked a bill. Late last month, a significantly larger marlin was caught off Cabo San Lucas after a 28-hour fight. 
-- Image showing Florida anglers posing with 746-pound blue marlin caught Tuesday off Cabo San Lucas is courtest of Pisces Sportfishing

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