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LA PAZ - Mexico Improves Beachfront Malecon with brand new Bike Lane

The City of La Paz, the Capital City of Baja California Sur, Mexico has completed its work on a new two lane bicycle lane on its famous Malecon.

The addition of the bicycle lane supports locals and tourists walking on the Malecon from being chopped down by speedy bikes, and it also provides a safe and flat surface for those looking to exercise along the Ocean Front, or simply those getting from A to B without harming the environment.

This area of La Paz is the most popular with visitors due to its fantastic ocean views and numerous restaurants and shops, and the new bike lane will help with this even more.

I posted about this on my Amistad Real Estate blog only a few days ago, here is what I said,


The New Bike Lane in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico has been designed and implemented successfully. It took almost one week from start to finish to repaint road lines, paint bicycle lanes, place signage, add speed bumps and install safety bumps to deter drivers from driving in the bike lane.

I held off posting about the bike lanes after my initial, "They are coming soon" post, as initially I was concerned however each day I drove to my Malecon office I saw all my concerns being alleviated by extra signage and bumps etc.

In addition to the lane the speed limit for the Malecon has been made official with the 40Km/h speed limit painted at a number of points along the road.

In my view this has helped to improve the image of the Malecon and will certainly help to improve safety as walkers and cyclists are separated to prevent collisions. It wont be an immediate improvement and I am certain there will be a number of near misses however once the traffic calms down and locals and tourists become used to the new system I truly believe this will be for the better.

According to the new signage the side of the road closest to the Ocean is now one lane wide however there is certainly enough room for overtaking should a vehicle.

Start of Malecon Bike Lane

The police have supported the implementation of this new bicycle lane by placing a number of officers at points along the lane. Although I am sure it would be difficult for them to actually stop a disobedient vehicle as they are on foot, their presence certainly seems to be keeping the speed of cars on the Malecon between 40 and 50km/h, much lower than the previous 50 to 70kmph I would see on a regular basis.


La Paz is growing at a steady rate. I constantly see new work taking place on the more run down buildings in the heart of the city and towards the outskirts there are 10s of new developments, from large shopping complexes to new housing estates. Being so close to the famous Los Cabos it is often overlooked by tourists however is slowly becoming a haven for retiring Americans, Canadians and even Europeans as we look to escape the boring cities of our original countries but without living solely in a resort.

La Paz is a real city full of real people but it also makes a great place to escape to, particularly with its amazing sunsets and beaches running for hundreds of miles in either direction.

- Simon

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