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NEWS - Gas prices up due to Pemex blunders


On Sunday, Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) Deputy Josué Valdés Huezo said that several accidents and faults in the national refinery network, as well importing fuel and diesel at high costs have caused monthly increases in gasoline prices.

He also said that the Federal Auditing Agency (ASF) has the obligation and responsibility to see if this situation is a method to benefit foreign oil-producing companies and functionaries within Pemex and the Energy Secretariat.

Valdés stated that the ASF must begin auditing Pemex as a means of verifying whether top officials within the state-owned company have been involved in acts of corruption, or not.

He noted that Pemex personnel presented the Chamber of Deputies a report that states that the Ciudad Madero refinery, in Tamaulipas, halted production of 116,000 barrels of oil per day on Sept. 8 of this year due to a strike.

The Special Commission in the Chamber, which studies and carries out follow-up procedures of corruption complaints against Pemex noted that the strike was caused by “a new break due to inefficient management and operation of the plant, which in turn caused a halt in production.”

“This strike represents a daily loss of US$ 1.4 million for Pemex and the country. The situation has been kept secret by top officials within Pemex, which is very unfortunate,” he said. “Pemex stated that Ciudad Madero is producing 36,000 barrels of oil every day, but personnel from the refinery say that there is no production of any kind.”

He concluded by saying that the document is being studied by the Chamber of Deputies to ensure that Pemex is not benefitting top officials or foreign companies.

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