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NEWS - Sub-Delegado for Pescadero was Appointed

Pescadero Announcement
Source: Baja Western Onion

The sub-delegado for Pescadero was appointed last week by the Presidente de Municipal. Sub-Delegado Sra. Carmen Higuera Perez, (the past Presidente de Ejido Pescadero) has been an active leader in community activities and has made in-roads to integrate extranjeros. She is ready to serve and available in her office located 1 block to the right from the central circle stop sign. The building is on the left up a few stairs. You can usually catch her at 9 a.m. If you could donate a few chairs or any other office-related furnishings, it would be a great show of support. She does have a desk, one chair, a small table for the computer and printer but that's it. I know your donation will be greatly appreciated and your introduction warmly reciprocated. - Grupo Pescadero,, 612-108-0436, Pescadero

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