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SAN FELIPE - Baja ParaNormal: ExtraOrdinary UFO Crash

Harry Drew- Documentarian, Author, Investigative Researcher, Film Maker.

Since 1953 there were several unknown and controversial sightings of unidentified flying objects and alien creatures near Kingman Arizona. Noted historian Harry Drews states "I have spent nearly 5 years doing research about it, have found endless and ongoing twists and distortions of the story and have uncovered extraordinary facts that completely and fully contradict the Exaggerators. Even a person not a UFO fan is going to sit up and take notice of what I have found." Drew's forthcoming documentary film and new book provides amazing new UFO crash evidence not reported upon before.

Wednesday November 9th 5PM (dinner) 6PM Presentation for what will be an intriguing exploration into these UFO sightings.

Location: El Dorado Pavillion, San Felipe Mexico. Dinner Optional at 5PM
Presentation 6PM-8PM.

Baja ParaNormal November Calendar:

  • Sunday Nov 6 9AM - Guided Meditation, Light Activation; coffee provided; RSVP for directions. Meditation begins promptly at 9:30AM No one admitted after 9:30 AM. Donations encouraged.
  • Wednesday Nov 9th 5PM  -  Controversial UFO Sightings in Kingman Arizona, Harry Drew presents new InformationAt the Pavillion at El Dorado; donations encouraged - $10.00. Contact: * * US: 415-717-1385 * MX: 686-172-3893

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