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HEALTH - What Happened to Me.

What Happened to Me and How the El Dorado Ranch Security Helped Me.
by Gerri Neal Dunham, San Felipe BC Mexico

At 9PM on Sunday Nov. 13, 2011, I was suddenly attacked by severe pain, which I recognized as a bladder infection. By 10PM, it was excruciating and I knew I could not go through the night like that and needed help. I knew the El Dorado Ranch Medical Center would be closed, but I drove to the Saltito Road entrance and told the security guards I needed medical help. They asked if I wanted an ambulance, which I did not want. I just wanted to know where to go to a doctor. The guards called their supervisor who was there in a flash. He told me there was a doctor available at Cruz Roja. I didn't know where that was located, so he drove all the way into town, so I could follow him there.

When we got there, my friend Mauricio was on duty and because he is bi-lingual, he helped explain my situation and pain to this very young doctor. The nurse immediately gave me a shot for the pain and the doctor wrote me a prescription for anti-biotic and pain.

Total charge was $103 pesos and $33 pesos for the shot. They asked me "can you pay?" I think if I couldn't, I wouldn't have had to, but of course I could. So, the entire emergency medical care, with doctor, nurse, and shot was less than $12 US.

I then went to Farmacia Similares (local pharmacy) open 24hrs next to OXXO on the Chetumal (as instructed by the doctor). The prescription was $50 pesos ($4 US) and they even allowed me the use of the bathroom.

All of this took less than one hour, travel time and all and I was in my own bed by midnight feeling a lot better.

I just want Security know how much I appreciated their attention and help.

Best wishes, Gerri Neal Dunham  (Palos Verdes South - 073-13)

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