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NEWS - Hidden Cameras To Promote Mexican Tourism

Hidden Cameras To Promote Mexican Tourism
Nicholas Smedley & Jill Replogle

Monday, November 7, 2011

SAN DIEGO — Juan Tintos Funcke has a tough job these days. He's Secretary of Tourism for Baja California at a time when a crackdown on drug violence has turned parts of Mexico into what seems a war zone. That's scaring away tourists from Southern California and across the U.S..

But now the Mexican Tourism Board has decided the best people to tell Americans about the great – and safe – time to be had in Mexico are fellow Americans.

A central part of the country's new campaign will be hidden-camera videos of American tourists fresh off Mexico vacations telling drivers about their experience, the New York Times reports. The videos will be featured in TV commercials in major American cities.

Tintos, the Baja tourism secretary, was in San Diego on Thursday promoting cross-border relations. He said it's all part of an effort to make Mexico more visible in the US.

"We needed to have more presence on the other side of the border," Tintos said. "To go to more events, to meet with editorial councils from newspapers, radio stations, TV stations."

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  1. Our former mayor, Hugo Torres, of Playas de Rosarito was a prime example of Sr. Tinto's observations. For 6 years, even during the toughest times of drug-related violence, Sr. Torres was constantly and insistently available as a "presence" in the United States. From San Diego to Orange County he appeared on/in television, radio, newspapers, with a consistent message: Baja California is safe, wonderful place to visit, enjoy, live. Descrying the media myths and misrepresentations, he fought to present the true face of Baja California to the public. Among the many accomplishments of his administration in Rosarito can be counted the total revamping of the city police department and the creation of a special police entity, the Rosarito Tourist Police, which other cities have/should incorporate. Would that other Baja officials follow in the paths of perception he inaugurated.