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NEWS - New Construction at Friendship Circle

Written by Elizabeth Aguilera
Source: SignOn San Diego

The re-design, negotiated by the Friends of Friendship Park and the Department of Homeland Security includes new fencing between the U.S. and Mexico along the park near the southwestern edge of the county.

The first phase of the construction is focused on the fencing that exists along the sand and into the ocean. Once that boundary is complete the other part of the fencing will be replaced, according to Friends of Friendship Park.
The new fencing and other amenities at Friendship Circle are the result of efforts by the Friends of Friendship Park group, which negotiated with Customs and Border Protection to allow more access and to improve visiting conditions at the park.

The compromise includes mesh fencing, benches and a larger access gate into the area, which is set between the primary and secondary border fencing. Several years ago the Border Patrol secured the area with additional fencing and limited access between those on either side of the border.

The park had been a traditional meeting place for families on both sides the border until the secondary fencing was erected in 2009. Public access to the park has been limited ever since because the park was left squarely in the area between the primary and secondary fencing.

The Friends group has been able to keep a piece of the metal fencing because there is art on the south-facing side of the panels, according to the organization.

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