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ROAD REPORT - Heading South Update

Heading South
K-39, South of Maneadero at KM -39: Lots of construction for road widening. No pavement. Huge holes on the side of the road have been cut in for putting in drainage ports. Some of these holes are 6 feet deep and not marked. Not recommended to drive this area at night. Construction is on-going so it will be changing often. This construction goes from a few miles south of Maneadero all the way to Santo Tomas at KM-49.

KM 106: Between El Rosario and Catavina, KM 113-130. They are repairing bridge abutments and widening them for future road widening. Many of these abutments have been chiseled out into the road and not all of them have markers. Two cars cannot pass at one of these cut outs so be aware and go slowly. There is new pavement in this area but it ends at KM 131.
KM 193, new pavement begins again but no lines have been painted on the asphalt.
KM 208, Pedregoso. They are repaving this area and there are no lane markers or reflectors. Where they are actively working, there is no pavement at all and at times only one lane is open. Pavement reopens around KM 214 but this area has not been worked on and is very rough with lots of pot holes.
AT KM 66 south of Rosarito, more road widening and continues for several miles south of the check point. There is a major detour on dirt south bound. This ends at KM 80.
Other than these specific areas, the road is is good shape and the areas that have been widened are wonderful to drive on. In many places in Baja California Sur, they have made wide shoulders for the road. We aren't sure if these are being done in anticipation of widening the road, but they are certainly great for safety.

We are currently in Ensenada heading south today, lots of rain in the last 24 hours, so this should prove interesting for sure. We would like to thank everyone for the intel ahead of us.

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