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ROAD REPORT - Tecate to Santa Rosalia

ROAD REPORTS Received 11/14/11: Just got here, coming thru Tecate. Measured from the border, there're about 30 miles of new road on Mex.3. It looked like they had bad mix in lots of places, so look for it to break up from the truck traffic. There's a stretch of the old road following the new, then a construction zone for about 3-1/2 miles. I'm driving a low slung Chevy wagon, and had no problems. After the construction there's more old road, then it's all new to the junction with Mex. 1.
There's more construction beginning 11 miles south of Maneadero ( measured from the middle of Manadero) for 6 miles to mile 17. Road is graded and in good shape. There is new road south of Catavina, but at about mile 10 it looked like more bad mix, and the northbound lane already had big potholes in the new pavement. There's more construction from mile 19 to mile 20.7; road is graded and in good shape. More construction south of the check point south of Rosarito. There is a detour beginning 4 miles south of the check point, runs for 3.7 miles, and it sucks. It is not rough, but most all of it is soft powder dirt--like fine flour--and it's deep in places.
The check point at G. Negro has changed. There is now a short detour and an Immigration office--and they check your papers--but no agricultural spray. The big Pemex on the highway was open when I went by. The road's torn up north of Santa Rosalia from where the highway turns away from the sea all the way in to Sta. Rosalia. Road is graded and in good shape. No more construction from Sta. Rosalia south. Lots of new bridges in Baja Sur. All check points were going thru cars in both directions, except for the one south of Rosarito. Submitted by: Ken McDowell Source: Baja Pony Express

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