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RVing on Baja, Bahia Concepcion

November 25, 2011 -Bahia Concepcion, is 23 miles long and the largest bay on Baja and located a short drive south of Mulege and largely dominated by gringos. Bahia Concepcion has been a very popoular RV destination for many RV Snowbirds with twelve (12) beach campgrounds. The waters off most beaches are so warm, calm and shallow, even the most timid landlubbers enjoy frolicking in the waters of Bahia Concepcion. The experience of camping on a beach in the Bay of Concepcion so grows on RVers, is why so many spend the entire winter. The “large island” that can be seen way across the bay from these beaches is actually a large barren peninsula. A rough road traverses the peninsula to the tip, but there is very little out there besides rocks and cactus.

Mexican families work the beaches collecting camping fees, selling baking, fruits, vegetables and fresh seafood. You have an equal number of Mulege vendors sell hats, hammocks, blankets, carvings and jewellery (What colour?-How many? Almost free!)

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