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BAJA - "The Joy of Baja"

"The Joy of Baja"
A Huge Community Effort
By Katie Morningstar

Just two months ago, a handful of local expats in northern Baja started talking about putting together a community cookbook, thinking perhaps they could get as many as 200 recipes, and sell as many as 250 books. The proceeds could go to a very deserving charity organization, La \ Misión Children`s Fund (LMCF), which provides food, medical, and educational resources to the most needy of children in our area.

But how could they start the effort? Several people came to the rescue, including the Baja Times. Word went out by Facebook and by emails to hundreds of people in northern Baja, that recipes were needed.

The response was incredible. In just 6 weeks, over 130 people contributed over 300 of their favorite recipes, including several popular restaurants, from Rosarito to Ensenada, that contributed some of their specialty recipes! And a sponsor came to the rescue: Oceans Flavor Sea Salt offered to pay for the printing costs, so that everydollar earned would go directly to LMCF.

That was the beginnings of "The Joy of Baja", a huge community effort, which now has already pre-sold over 400 copies, and the book has yet to finish being printed! (It is due to be delivered in very early December.) It is quickly becoming "The Gift to Buy" for the holiday season - especially for family and friends in the States. Why? Because in addition to great and unique recipes, it has stories from the recipe contributors... how they came to Baja, what they love about it, and why all of the current negative publicity about Baja is so incorrect! The cookbook not only has great recipes (including many special Mexican ones) and incredible color scenic photos, but it also has 4 pages translating cuts of beef, chicken, pork, and types of fish from English to Spanish, and color pictures of the 20 most common chiles in Mexico, their heat index, and how to use them.

A single copy of this cookbook can be purchased for $19, but gift-givers can still obtain them at a volume discount. By purchasing 5 or more, the price per book is only $15! The quality printed cookbook is available through the website of LMCF:

Buy 1, or 5 or 10... it`ll warm your heart to know you are supporting the neediest of children in Baja, but at the same time spreading the positive word about The Joy of Baja - a great place to live! And ... the recipes are wonderful.

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