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NEWS - SCORE Employees Busted For Cop Lights In Ensenada, Baja California

Date: Dec-17-2011

ENSENADA - For trying to flee and open up the way with the help of an emergency siren (amber color) two subjects aboard a Jeep Liberty were detained last night. Both of the men were employees of Sal Fish, organizer of the Baja 1000 off road races and owner of the vehicle that was used to open the way through other motorists.

This occurred at 7:10PM when municipal police agents saw two subjects driving on calle Primera between Ruiz and Gastélum in the Score International SUV with an amber light beacon. However, this device is only for emergency vehicles and the occupants could not prove they had legal possession of the device.

The white 2006 Jeep Liberty, AKC-2463 license plates, lit up for a moment red and blue LED lights, which are used for official emergency vehicles, which were located on the front of the vehicle to indicate to other vehicles to move over out of the way. The driver was immediately detained, and said his name was Eduardo Torres Negrete, 20-years old, also detained were Jose, 17-years old and Alexandre, 17-years old.

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